Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT - May 25, 2009

Another installment for your pleasure, check the playlist below. Thanks to Ben Lawson from Red Bull Studios for the production co-piloting, hence the timely posting of the show for a change!

On other fronts, I'm now about 12 hours from finishing this remix of Sunburst Band's 'Far Beyond' that's been kicking my ass. Can't wait to play it on next week's show...

[And of course, some extra-curricular audio-visual accompaniment...]

HIQI May 25, 2009 PLAYLIST:

Sygaire - "The Time Is Now"
Rondenion - "Storm"
CBass & Mikobene - "Don't Forget (Russ Gabriel Remix)"
Secondo - "Discombabulate"
Unknown - "Shake It Up (Galaxy Sound Company Edit)"
Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Raw Cut #2"
Tom Browne - "Fungi Mama"
Cosmetic - "New Complexion"
A Certain Ratio - "Do The Du"
Coke Escovedo - "(Runaway) I Wouldn't Change A Thing"
Detroit Emeralds - "Do Me Right"
The Presidents - "Which Way"
Quincy Jones - "Chump Change"
Airto - "Peasant Dance"
The Charlie Rouse Band - "Waiting On The Corner"
Terumasa Hino - "Merry-Go-Round"
Doug Carn - "Higher Ground"
Funkadelic - "I Bet You"
Average White Band - "Atlantic Avenue"
Q-Tip - "Gettin' Up"
Mel & Tim - "Groovy Situation"
King Floyd - "Here It Is"
Mary McCreary - "Singing The Blues"
Expression - "Release Pt. 1"
Unlimited Touch - "Searching To Find The One"
Vicki 'D' - "This Beat Is Mine"
Ronnie Hudson - "West Coast Poplock"

HIQI MAY 25, 2009 PT. 1
HIQI MAY 25, 2009 PT. 2

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT - May 18, 2009


Boom. Chris Cox, exclusives (Starblazers debut sneak peak), disco bombs, and chit chat are all in the house. Enjoy...

No time to do playlist, sorry! Have had my head down finishing this Sunburst Band remix but hit me for the tracks if you're hanging to know what you're listening to. Off to Serato birthday party!

HIQI May 18, 2009 Pt. 1
HIQI May 18, 2009 Pt. 2

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT - May 11, 2009

Sorry for taking an extra little bit to get the latest show up, shit is thick! At the moment I'm finishing a remix for Sunburst Band, fine-tuning the Starblazers, getting ready for a pending trip to the states, playing lots of gigs, and looking after a sick lil dude for the last few weeks. Simultaneously...

But such is life. I was tempted not to post this show as its the outcome of the craziness I speak of (four gigs, three days, three cities). That said, the 'music for hibernation' set has some moments... Been looking for my Jaco record for awhile too, nice to dig it out.


HIQI May 11, 2009 pt. 1
HIQI May 11, 2009 pt. 2


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This show was all about random selections, having fun, and talking too much shit... thanks in much part to HIQI's on-off co-host Chris "Gift of Gab" Coxy's presence in the hotbox.

[NOTE: I listened through to pt. 2 five times trying to find the ad break... did I forget to play it or is it still in there? my bad if it is, ugh.]


HIQI May 4, 2009 Playlist
Jo Boyer - "Isabella & The Rain"
Weeks & Co. - "Rock Your World"
Sound Troupe - "Can You Really See Me?"
BT Express - "Energy To Burn (Detroit Beatdown Edit)"
James Brown - "Don't Use Drugs PSA"
James Brown - "Stone To The Bone"
The Jackson 5 - "Body Language (Fat Camp Edit)"
Mark E & Dragon - "Good Times (Prins Thomas Remix)"
Idris Muhammad - "Could Heaven Ever Be Like This"
The Time - "777-9311"
Chico Mann - "Harmonia"
Terry Brooks - "Trippitaka"
Steel N Skin - "Afro Punk Reggae Dub"
The Delicate Genius - "Suck It & See"
Dam Funk - "Lets Take Off"
Debruit - "Pouls"
Johnny Hammond - "Star Borne"
Sylvia Striplin - "Give Me Your Love"
Skye - "Ain't No Need"
Zhigge - "Toss It Up"
Main Source - "Fakin' The Funk"
The Pointer Sisters - "Yes We Can Can"
Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum, Durr - "A World Without You"
Amp Dog Knight - "I'm Doing Fine"

HIQI MAY 3, 2009 PT. 1
HIQI MAY 3, 2009 PT. 2

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Crown Heights Affair- Dreaming A Dream (Disco)

One of my favorite CHA joints... I recently heard the vocal break on a Moxie 12" so thought I'd post the original... get it while its good. Off to the radio!
The Crown Heights Affair- Dreaming A Dream (Disco) [320]