Monday, August 31, 2009

Joan Crawford- Do It In Detroit

Non-radio post, first in awhile. Brief and to the point. My side hurts from laughing.... You might have to be from the D on this one but peep game anyways...

Big ups to my main man Rob 'Double-Flush' Theakston for putting me up!

New heat tonight, including another sneak peak of the latest Starblazers to roll off the presses- EWF's 'Sunshine'. Dangerous territory but think we got this one! Be there live- 6-8pmNZ (2am-NYC/11pm-LA/8am-Amsterdam)

Friday, August 28, 2009


Here is a special edition of Hit It and Quit It we like to call 'Dedication to the Cosmos'. The playlist explains the concept pretty well on its own (space music yall... there's no shortage of it!). This was our attempt to open up the show a little bit more thematically but also performance-wise with the addition of Julien Dyne intercepting live transmissions from the outer reaches via his Boss Dr. Sample, delay pedal, percussion synth, and 80s alarm clock (yeah, really). We're currently in deep negotation to start a monthly 'PA' live to air with our favorite artists, akin to the old radio shows we did in Ann Arbor on WCBN in the early-mid 90s. I love radio.

Big ups to Kid Dynobot, Frank Booker for his own take on astral travelling, and of course Ben Lawson for facilitating the cosmic (comic?) madness! Space improv like a MF. Until the next chapter true believers...

give it up for andromeda...

HIQI Aug. 24, 2009 Playlist

Cloud One - "Atmosphere Strut"
Manzel - "Space Funk"
Earth, Wind & Fire - "Jupiter"
Model 500 - "No UFO's (D-Mix)"
BFC - "Galaxy"
Underground Resistence - "Star Sailing"
Lonnie Liston Smith - "Space Princess"
Montana - "A Dance Fantasy Inspired By Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind (2nd Movement)"
DJ Kent - "Second Moon"
Faze-O - "Space People"
The Jeff Lorber Fushion - "Galaxian"
Charles Earland - "Leaving This Planet"
Dam Funk - "Galactic Fun"
Atmosfear - "Dancing In Outer Space (Masters At Work Remix)"
Ken Lewis - "Cosmic Car (Moon Vehicle)"
Larry Young's Fuel - "Spaceball"
Marvin Gaye - "A Funky Space Reincarnation"
Parliament - "Mothership Connection"
Asha Puthli - "Space Talk"
Sa-Ra - "Spacefruit"
The Clonius - "Fogged Space Suit"
The Detroit Experiment - "Space Odyssey"
Syreeta - "Universal Sound Of The World"

HIQI Aug. 24, 2009 PT. 1
HIQI Aug. 24, 2009 PT. 2

Friday, August 21, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- Aug. 17, 2009

BIG show.

Recloose, Frank Booker, and Ben... You know what time it is.

Next week, our improvisational tribute to the cosmos. Not to be missed.

HIQI Aug. 17, 2009 Playlist

Kaleta & Akoya Afrobeat - "The Spirit Of Fela Is Alive & Well (Guynamukat Afro Boogie Labour Of Love Remix)"
Blackjoy - "Djomani"
Ashford & Simpson - "Don't Cost You Nothing (Leftside Wobble Edit)"
Pazazz - "So Hard To Fin (Seven Samurai Remix)"
Cojo - "Play It By Ear"
Tony Troutman - "What's The Use"
The Vibrations - "Shake It Up"
Taste Of Honey - "World Spin"
Dazz Band - "Let The Music Play"
Lamont Dozier - "Going Back To My Roots"
Extra - "Haven't Been Funked Enough"
West Phillips - "Sucker For A Pretty Face"
The Jaffers Ft. Jayheim - "Somethin' Changin' (Llorca Remix)"
Hygher Baby - "Strugglin' (Tropical Treats Remix)"
Plunky & The Oneness Of Juju - "Every Way But Loose (Remix)"
The Dells - "Believe Me"
Joe Bataan - "Subway Joe"
Pigback - "Poppa's Got A Brand New Pigback"
Michael Jackson - "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (Live Version)"
Jackson Do Pandeiro - "Eu Se Balanco"
Donny Hathaway - "Sugar Lee"
War - "Junkyard"
Coffee & Cigarettes Band - "Just Imagine"
Trouble Funk - "Drop The Bomb (Live Version)"

HIQI Aug. 17, 2009 PT. 1
HIQI Aug. 17, 2009 PT. 2

Friday, August 14, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- Aug. 10, 2009

It took us a few extra days again this week to get the show back from George, but here it is. We're working on it...

With special guest Frank Booker... (who?). Enjoy good energy.

HIQI Aug. 10, 2009 PLAYLIST
Jedi Knights - "One For M.A.W."
Chez & Ron - "Warfare"
Andy Vaz - "Hurry, Hurry (Lerosa Remix)"
Rick Wade - "Angry Pimp"
Arto Mwambe - "Btwo"
Atmosfear - "Dancing in Outer Space (The Revenge Remix)"
Fast Vision Soul - "Babatunde"
Gel Abril - "Marir (Original Mix)"
Blue Magic - "Welcome To The Club"
Al Hudson & The Partners - "Spread Love"
The Nite-Liters - "Drumology"
Orquesta Los Van Van - "Hasta La Semana Que Viene"
Dam Funk - "Mirrors"
Dennis Jr - "Looking For Love"
Weather Report - "Pearl On The Half-Shell"
Sly & Robbie - "Let's Rock"
J. Period Ft. Q-Tip - "Q-Tip For President"
Phill Most Chill - "On Tempo Jack"
Waxolutionists - "Steel Remians (Brenk Late Night Remix Instrumental)"
Eru Dangerspiel - "The Hold Up"

HIQI Aug. 10, 2009 Pt. 1
HIQI Aug. 10, 2009 Pt. 2

Friday, August 7, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- Aug. 3, 2009

We had a little problem with the George Fm server this week hence the wait. We're doing our best to consistent on this blog, its on our list of things to do. Hang tight, I feel momentum gathering...

In this show we speak with Eru Dangerspiel aka Riki Gooch about his upcoming behemoth of a show (tomorrow at the Auckland Town Hall, better see NZedders there!), some trash talking with Chris Cox, and a somewhat choked up last minute Baatin tribute (Rest in peace!). Next week- lots of new music (some timely shipments landed on my doorstep today) and further plans might be unveiled... oooh hahahaaaa....

HIQI Aug. 3, 2009 Playlist

Chris Carrier - "I'm In Love Today"
The Sunburst Band - "Twinkle (Idjut Boys Mix)"
Light Of The World - "Time (12" Mix)"
Eru Dangerspiel - "Coq Au Vin"
Super Value - "The Sun Healer"
Lavaba & E. Mallison - "Game Of Life (K Dope Re-Edit)"
Roy Porter - "Party Time"
Reggie Milner - "Soul Machine"
Sam Gordon & The Hiphuggers - "Upstairs On Boston Road Pt 1"
Arcadion - "Flying Vision"
Sun Tzu Soundsystem - "Ticcles (Domu Remix)"
Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Raw Cuts 3"
Popular Peoples Front - "My Baby Stays Out All Night"
Bullet - "I'm Billie Jean"
Sinbad Vs. D'angelo - "Keep Da Move"
Dj Sprinklez - "Grand Central (Deep Into The Bowels Of House)"
Patchworks - "Minotaur"
A Guy Called Gerald - "Automanikk (Derrick May The Force Be With You Mix)"
Oliverwho Factory - "New Beginnings"
Actress - "Crushed"
Slum Village - "Players (Instrumental)"
Slum Village - "Conant Gardens"
Slum Village - "Look Of Love"
Slum Village - "Tainted"
Slum Village - "Cloud9"
Andres - "Step Pattern"
Michael Olatuja - "Yi Yipada"

HIQI Aug. 3, 2009 Pt. 1
HIQI Aug. 3, 2009 Pt. 2

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Recloose- 'Sounds Pacific-ish' Mix for Red Bull


I'm pretty sure I was trying to be 'current' when I did this a few months back, its only dropped now on the Red Bull site. Its a BROAD interpretation of 'Pacific' sounds... New Hit It show up tomorrow. Enjoy...

Recloose 'Sounds Pacific' Playlist

    Eru Dangerspiel- Intro NZ
    Zackey Force Funk, St. Liquor-ish, Reggie Blount- Sexxy [CD-R] NZ
    Slum Village feat. Marsha Ambrosius- Cloud 9
    Clyde feat. Jane Hamilton- Read My Mind (Hearin' Aid's Psychic Network mix) [Rae Fusion]
    Karriem Riggings- 12's in 8
    Bullion- Young Heartache
    Gecko Turner feat Eska- Monosabio Blues (Philip Owusu remix) [Lovemonk]
    Tettory Bad feat. Paul Randolph- Ruff 'n Tuff [Jazzy Sport]
    The Starblazers- Danger Zone (Recloose Mix) [Fingertips] NZ
    Nebraska- The Other Side [Rush Hour]
    Dam Funk- Lets Take Off (Far Away) [Stones Throw]
    Coati Mundi- Pharaoh (Can't Take It To The Grave) [Virgin]
    Bing Ji Ling- Home [Lovemonk]
    Stack- Win Jesse Win [P&P]
    Julien Dyne- Incredulous NZ
    Eru Dangerspiel- Sambaskooldropout NZ
    Chico Mann- Mentirosos
    Roy Alton- I'm Going Home [Cactus]

    Recloose's RBMA "Sounds Pacific" Mix

Monday, August 3, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- July 27, 2009

Friends. Sorry for the delay, consistency hasn't been one of my strong suits lately (too busy!).

So I'm in bed posting this after a massive weekend touring with Ladi 6, Parks, and Julien Dyne (nursing the aftermath). Thanks to all the party people that came and turned it out, we had a blast. So much in fact we're talking about more gigs later in the year... crew up I say! Here's a blurry shot from Dunedin...


Back on the airwaves tonight. We'll be revisiting some of Baatin's output from the Slum Village camp (who I'm very sad to say passed away over the weekend, always repping Detroit in the dopest way... too soon!), bigging up the Eru Dangerspiel show this weekend at the AK Town Hall, and talking about some new releases that have just dropped. Until then...

HIQI July 27, 2009 Playlist

Chez Damier - "Sometimes I Feel Like"
DJ Tink Thomas - "Get On Down"
Andy Vaz - "Bygone Times (Trus Me Remix)"
Mutant Beat Dance Ft. Eric D Clark - "In A Daze"
The Oliverwho Factory - "Shaka"
Isolee - "Les Andalouses"
Block 16 - "Morning Sun (Pepe Bradock's Brad Deep Remix)"
Aardvarck - "Just Washed That Pig"
Unlimited Touch - "Love Explosion"
D Train - "Music"
Soulphiction - "Underground Railroad"
Direct Current - "Everybody Here Must Party"
Crown Heights Affair - "Say A Prayer For Two"
Kokomo - "Use Your Imagination (Rahaan Edit)"
Trus'Me - "Narda"
James Brown - "Bodyheat"
Graham Central Station - "'Tis Your Kind Of Music"
Fatback - "Let Me Do It To You"
Johnson Products - "Johnson Jumpin'"
Chaka Khan - "I Know You, I Live You"
Flakes - "Sugar Coated Lover"
The Trinidad And Tobago Showboat Chapter 1 - "El Bimbo"

HIQI July 27, 2009 PT. 1
HIQI July 27, 2009 PT. 2