Monday, August 3, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- July 27, 2009

Friends. Sorry for the delay, consistency hasn't been one of my strong suits lately (too busy!).

So I'm in bed posting this after a massive weekend touring with Ladi 6, Parks, and Julien Dyne (nursing the aftermath). Thanks to all the party people that came and turned it out, we had a blast. So much in fact we're talking about more gigs later in the year... crew up I say! Here's a blurry shot from Dunedin...


Back on the airwaves tonight. We'll be revisiting some of Baatin's output from the Slum Village camp (who I'm very sad to say passed away over the weekend, always repping Detroit in the dopest way... too soon!), bigging up the Eru Dangerspiel show this weekend at the AK Town Hall, and talking about some new releases that have just dropped. Until then...

HIQI July 27, 2009 Playlist

Chez Damier - "Sometimes I Feel Like"
DJ Tink Thomas - "Get On Down"
Andy Vaz - "Bygone Times (Trus Me Remix)"
Mutant Beat Dance Ft. Eric D Clark - "In A Daze"
The Oliverwho Factory - "Shaka"
Isolee - "Les Andalouses"
Block 16 - "Morning Sun (Pepe Bradock's Brad Deep Remix)"
Aardvarck - "Just Washed That Pig"
Unlimited Touch - "Love Explosion"
D Train - "Music"
Soulphiction - "Underground Railroad"
Direct Current - "Everybody Here Must Party"
Crown Heights Affair - "Say A Prayer For Two"
Kokomo - "Use Your Imagination (Rahaan Edit)"
Trus'Me - "Narda"
James Brown - "Bodyheat"
Graham Central Station - "'Tis Your Kind Of Music"
Fatback - "Let Me Do It To You"
Johnson Products - "Johnson Jumpin'"
Chaka Khan - "I Know You, I Live You"
Flakes - "Sugar Coated Lover"
The Trinidad And Tobago Showboat Chapter 1 - "El Bimbo"

HIQI July 27, 2009 PT. 1
HIQI July 27, 2009 PT. 2

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