Friday, August 7, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- Aug. 3, 2009

We had a little problem with the George Fm server this week hence the wait. We're doing our best to consistent on this blog, its on our list of things to do. Hang tight, I feel momentum gathering...

In this show we speak with Eru Dangerspiel aka Riki Gooch about his upcoming behemoth of a show (tomorrow at the Auckland Town Hall, better see NZedders there!), some trash talking with Chris Cox, and a somewhat choked up last minute Baatin tribute (Rest in peace!). Next week- lots of new music (some timely shipments landed on my doorstep today) and further plans might be unveiled... oooh hahahaaaa....

HIQI Aug. 3, 2009 Playlist

Chris Carrier - "I'm In Love Today"
The Sunburst Band - "Twinkle (Idjut Boys Mix)"
Light Of The World - "Time (12" Mix)"
Eru Dangerspiel - "Coq Au Vin"
Super Value - "The Sun Healer"
Lavaba & E. Mallison - "Game Of Life (K Dope Re-Edit)"
Roy Porter - "Party Time"
Reggie Milner - "Soul Machine"
Sam Gordon & The Hiphuggers - "Upstairs On Boston Road Pt 1"
Arcadion - "Flying Vision"
Sun Tzu Soundsystem - "Ticcles (Domu Remix)"
Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Raw Cuts 3"
Popular Peoples Front - "My Baby Stays Out All Night"
Bullet - "I'm Billie Jean"
Sinbad Vs. D'angelo - "Keep Da Move"
Dj Sprinklez - "Grand Central (Deep Into The Bowels Of House)"
Patchworks - "Minotaur"
A Guy Called Gerald - "Automanikk (Derrick May The Force Be With You Mix)"
Oliverwho Factory - "New Beginnings"
Actress - "Crushed"
Slum Village - "Players (Instrumental)"
Slum Village - "Conant Gardens"
Slum Village - "Look Of Love"
Slum Village - "Tainted"
Slum Village - "Cloud9"
Andres - "Step Pattern"
Michael Olatuja - "Yi Yipada"

HIQI Aug. 3, 2009 Pt. 1
HIQI Aug. 3, 2009 Pt. 2

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