Thursday, June 11, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- June 8, 2009

Two Kiwi funk luminaries, Julien Dyne and Mike Fabulous, join yours truly for an impromptu radio session and chat... Check!

One more show next week then I'm outtie for the month to the states. Gig dates coming soon, including an extra special jam with the Dennis Coffey Band in Detroit. Whaaaa?!

(sorry for lack of playlist this week, hit me if you're curious)

HIQI June 8, 2009 PT. 1
HIQI June 8, 2009 PT. 2

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- June 1, 2009

Straight from the plane to the studio... almost. Got some nice things in Melbourne courtesy Licorice Pie Records in Prahran, and got to drop the Sunburst Band remix I just finished over the weekend. Enjoy...

[Videos from the set:]


Yam Who - "Wax The Van (Yam Who Rework)"
Corduroy Mavericks - "Could This Be The Love (Blossom Mix)"
Index - "Starlight (The Break)"
Rahni Harris & Flo - "Six Million Steps"
Daniel Wang - "Dancing With The Best"
Shari Vari - "A Number Of Names"
Channel One - "Technicolor"
Electric Soul - "X2"
Roy Davis Jnr. - "Gabrielle Ft. Peven Everett (Live Garage Mix)"
Linda Clifford - "The Beast In Me"
One Way - "Sugar Rock"
Mutiny - "Peanut Butter & Jam"
Mutiny - "Semi First Class Seat"
Brass Construction - "Now Is Tomorrow"
Sunburst Band - "Far Beyond (Recloose Remix)"
Jamaica Girls - "Rock The Beat"
Jeffree - "Mr. Fix-It"
Steve Parks - "Sadness In My Samba"
Unknown Artist (Theo Parrish) - "Ugly Edits #6"
Gichy Dan's Beachwood #9 - "Laissez Faire"
Dam Funk - "Let's Take Off (Far Away)"
Julien Priester - "Love, Love"

HIQI June 1, 2009 pt. 1
HIQI June 1, 2009 pt. 2