Thursday, April 28, 2011


This past Monday HIQI had the pleasure of broadcasting an exclusive and extended interview with Detroit's funk guitar legend Dennis Coffey. If you don't recognize Dennis Coffey by name (you should but...) you almost certainly will recognize his songs. On its own Dennis' music stands strong as Detroit's greatest guitar-driven funk masterpieces, melding the evolving production aesthetics of Motown and producers like Norman Whitfield with Dennis' own penchant for fuzz guitar played fast and thick (often overdubbed in multiple layers). Before recording his solo work Dennis was a member of Motown's surest house band 'The Funk Brothers', featuring on soul classics such as the Temptations' 'Ball of Confusion' and 'Cloud 9', Edwin Starr's 'War' and Freda Payne's 'Band of Gold'.

Little did Dennis realize that as he jammed, experimented and recorded his music that he was inadvertently laying down the bedrock for dozens of hip-hop and jungle classics to ensue over the following forty years. Some of Dennis' biggest hits were heavily driven by their infectious breakdowns, quickly becoming rhythmic fodder for the earliest hip-hop DJs and later producers of the 1980s and beyond.

We checked in with Dennis in Detroit just before the release of his brand new record, self-titled 'Dennis Coffey' on the mighty Strut records. The album hit shelves April 25 and features collaborations with Mayer Hawethorne, the Dirtbomb's Mick Collins, Fanny Franklin, Paolo Nutini and Kings Go Forth. Also be on the lookout for a Dennis Coffey remix project in the very near future featuring 14KT, Apollo Brown, Dabrye and yours truly (Recloose).


We also featured our good friend DJ House Shoes' Dennis Coffey tribute mix titled 'Constellations- The A to Z of Dennis Coffey' which you can stream through our show or alternatively off of Soundcloud here. (If you're persistent you may find a way to download it too, but the OG soundcloud link has been tapped at 1000...).

Finally, we pieced together the rest of the show with potna in crime Nyntee running production duties and an impromptu P-Funk gig review from excitable show regular Mark Williams. Enjoy that shit.

HIQI 2011.04.25 PLAYLIST
Sound Troupe- Can You Really See Me Inst. (Sam)

Recloose interviews Dennis Coffey
(Music Bed)
Dennis Coffey- Funk Connection (Westbound)
Dennis Coffey- Knockabout (Strut)
Dennis Coffey- Don't Knock My Love Pt. II (Strut)
Dennis Coffey- Ride Sally Ride (Sussex)
Dennis Coffey- Scorpio (Sussex)
Dennis Coffey- Son of Scorpio (Sussex)
Dennis Coffey- Scorpio (Sussex)
Dennis Coffey- Space Traveller (Strut)
Dennis Coffey- 7th Galaxy (Strut)
Dennis Coffey- Miss Millie feat. Kings Go Forth (Strut)

'Constellations: The A - Z of Dennis Coffey' mix by DJ Houseshoes
Scorpio Intro- (feat Dennis Coffey, Jazzy Jeff, Jake One, and Q-Tip)
LL Cool J- Jinglin’ Baby
Dennis Coffey- Main Theme (Black Belt Jones OST)
Dennis Coffey- 7th Galaxy*
Dennis Coffey- Ride Sally Ride
The Temptations- Cloud Nine
Rodriguez- Sugar Man
Marvin Gaye- I Want You
Dennis Coffey- Garden Of The Moon
The Spinners- It’s A Shame
Dennis Coffey- Never Can Say Goodbye
Dennis Coffey- Whole Lotta Love
Diamond D- No Wonduh
Isley Brothers / Dennis Coffey & Lyman Woodward- It’s Your Thing
The Floaters- Float On
The Dramatics- In The Rain
The Dramatics- Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
Dennis Coffey feat. Mick Collins (Dirtbombs) & Rachel Nagy (Detroit Cobras)- I Bet You*
Edwin Starr- Easin’ In (Hell Up In Harlem) / Digable Planets (Nickle Bags)
The Temptations- I Can’t Get Next To You
The Undisputed Truth- Smiling Faces Sometimes
Dennis Coffey feat. Mayer Hawthorne- All Your Goodies Are Gone*
[Thanks to Eyes and Teeth for the playlist]

(and on with the show...)
Cro-Magnon- The Boxer (Jazzy Sport)
Dez- Rock With You (White)
Wild Sugar- Bring It Here (TSOB)
Masurati & Huey Harris- Super Duper Lovin (Lioness)
Wynd Chimes- Baby You're The One (Lotus Land)
El Rego et Ses Commandos- Sa Na Min (Analog Africa)
The Revolution of St. Vincent- The Little You Say (Wirl)
Jeanette 'Lady' Day- Come Let Me Love You (Inst) (Prelude)
Romanowski- The Instigator (Bastard Jazz)
Presto- (feat. Mhax Montes) (Concrete Grooves)

HIQI April 25, 2011... The Dennis Coffey Special Pt. 1
HIQI April 25, 2011... The Dennis Coffey Special Pt. 2

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HIT IT & QUIT IT - April 18, 2011

Hello. Apologies for the slight delay in the posting of last week's show. In true Hit It & Quit It style, we have a double header this week, with the Dennis Coffey special due to be posted in the next 24 hours.
We had some technical gremlins in the system for the April 18th show, that have resulted in us only being able to offer a one hour edited version of the original broadcast. It was a "heavy hitters" edition featuring some big jams from the last few months, hosted by yours truly & Mr Reggie Blount (Recloose was absent, finishing off his new EP for RushHour).
Enjoy it! And stay tuned for the Dennis Coffey special coming very soon.
Hit It!


1. Grooveman Spot – Going on [Jazzy Sport]
2. DJ Nature – Afrique [Jazzy Sport]
3. Adonis – No way back (Greg Wilson Edit) [Trax]
4. Space Dimension Controller – Mercurial attrication [R&S Records]
5. Gerd - Friendly fire (extended) [Royal Oak]
6. Quarion – I found you on Facebook (edit) [Drum Poet]
7. Maxxi & Zeus – MZ Medley [International Feel]
8. Francis Inferno Orchestra – Meet me in Salt Lake City [Under the Shade]
9. Arcadion – Arc [DC Recordings]
10. The Rah Band – Messages from the stars (remix) [At Jazz]
11. Medlar – Terrell [Wolf Music]

HIQI April. 18, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

HIT IT & QUIT IT - April 11, 2011

Yes. Hit It & Quit It shows are likes buses: You wait ages for one, then two come along one after the other. So a mere 24 hours since posting last weeks show, we have this weeks edition for your listening pleasure!
We were feeling collectively shady are large weekends all round, so there is discussion of best hangover remedies and all the other usual nonsense.
A ton of hot new (& old!) music from the likes of: Lone, Christopher Rau, Todd Terje, Sean P (thanks to Cosmic Boogie for this one!), Rootstrax, Cottam, Genius of Time, The Revenge and much, much more. Enjoy. Hit It!


1. Lone – Approaching rainbow [R & S Records]
2. Genius of Time – Drifting back [Royal Oak]
3. Christopher Rau – How are you today [Pampa Records]
4. Tom Demac – Ten from seventeen [Liebe Detail]
5. Letta Mbulu – Kilimanjaro (The Revenge Edit) [Z Records]
6. The Clash – This is radio clash [CBS]
7. Eighties Ladies – I knew that love [Uno Melodic]
8. Captain Rapp – Bad times [Saturn Records]
9. Cojo – Play it be ear [Destiny]
10. Moxie – Feels so good (special disco version) [Moxie]
11. Womack & Womack – MPB [4th & Broadway]
12. Pop & Eye – Can’t let bluto [Supernature Records]
13. Cottam – Untitled 002 [Cottam]
14. Fudge Fingas – It’s about time [Prime Numbers]
15. Sean P – Sunrise [Boogie Originals]
16. Todd Terje – Ragysh (original) [Running Back]
17. Mic Newman – Live east, die young [20/20 Vision]
18. Ike – Supernatural [Philpot]
19. Rootstrax – Harlequin [Deeply Rooted House]
20. Pamela Nivens – It’s you I love [Sun Valley Records]
21. Junior – Mama used to say [Mercury]

HIQI April. 11, 2011 Pt. 1

HIQI April. 11, 2011 Pt. 2

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HIT IT & QUIT IT - April 4, 2011

Alright. We're back! Apologies for the non post of the show last week: Needless to say we had some technical gremlins in the system, which have been ironed out now.
Lots of heat last week, including a WORLD PREMIERE of a brand new Recloose cut (Attache) forthcoming on Rushhour. And yes, the usual mindless banter. Enjoy!
On with the show! Hit It.


1. Maxxi & Zeus – M7 Medley [International Feel]
2. Bobbi Sanderson – Make it so good [Million dollar disco]
3. Midnight Movers, Unltd. – Follow the wind (Danny Krivit edit) [Strut]
4. Recloose – Attache (demo) [White]
5. Greymatter – Tesla [Wolf Music]
6. Bongogo – Bongogo (Lee Scotch disco mix) [NYC Sound]
7. Fredericks Brown – Betrayal [Jazz & Milk]
8. Andy Ash – Carnival de L’Spirit [Stilove4music]
9. Alan Parker & John Cameron – Heavy water [KPM]
10. Shoes – 2000 Black [Shoes Recordings]
11. Parlet – Wolf Tickets [Casablanca]
12. Roundtree – Get on up [Island]
13. Pedders – Hankuri [G.A.M.M.]
14. Julian Sanza – Fired up [Solar Disco]
15. Rahaan – If you know like I know [Stilove4music]
16. Spirit Band – Keep your love alive [RSP Records]
17. Teddy Pendergrass – You cant hide from yourself (Dimitri from Paris mix) [BBE]
18. Pharoah Monch – Simon Says (Kissey Asplund remix) [White label]
19. Junior Mafia – Get Money [Big Beat]

HIQI April. 4, 2011 Pt. 1

HIQI April. 4, 2011 Pt. 2