Monday, November 30, 2009

Recloose on Shibuya FM

I had the great pleasure of rocking an hour set at Shibuya FM this past Friday (sans playlist, but the audio is below). Also home to such radio luminaries as Tyler Askew (My Favorite Things) and the Coffee and Cigarettes crew.

Keep your eyes on this space, we're expecting some imminent HIQI news related to Shibuya FM...

For more info on Shibuya FM visit the website here.


Recloose on Shibuya FM- Nov. 27, 2009

The HIT IT AND QUIT IT REVUE: VOL. II (A Holiday Throw Down)

That's right, yes that's correct. The Hit It and Quit It monthly is back with our very special Vol. II- The Holiday Throw Down. It all kicks off Friday Dec. 11 at The Basement in Auckland...

Dress to dance to the best in psychedelic boogie, disco, soul, b-boy house, electric funk and other cosmic sounds.

Brought to you by Recloose, Frank Booker and Julien Dyne, this time with our homeboys Chef D and Dj Buttafingers adding to the festive fray. Projections provided by our Minister of Information VJ Subcut to maintain your holiday sway.

PLUS keeping it correct- $5 Coopers all night.

Love Explosion (Recloose's Hit It and Quit It Edit)

Tell the fam, its time to throw down.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Based On Kyoto/Japonica Records

As promised, I had to post a little something about my new friend Marron of 'Based On Kyoto'/'Dub Dub on Seng' who I had the pleasure of jamming with Thursday night at the Japonica record store. I've been a fan ever since my man Kazuo passed me his release on my trip to Kyoto last year, especially because its pretty rare to hear steel drums rocked on contemporary dancefloor joints. Needless to say 'Calypso On-Seng' and 'Flying Pan' have both been on steady rotation...

So, to my utter $&^*&# amazement, I find out at soundcheck that Marron is ACTUALLY playing a guitar on these tracks, not steel drums. He started to tell me how he does it, a combination of a pitch shifter and a few other pedals, but I stopped him short of sharing his secret. Lets just chalk that shit up to magic, shall we?

Marron said it would be okay to share these songs with you, please support by visting the Japonica online store here if you're feeling the vibes... Marron has also just released a CD he composed for yoga which I'm listening to right now (perfect for post-tour wind down).


PS. The Recloose/Frank Booker remix of Based On Kyoto's 'Just After The Rain' is currently at the record press... keeping you posted.

Based On Kyoto- Flying Pan
Dub Dub on Seng- Calypso On Seng

Friday, November 27, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT Nov. 23, 2009

Recloose in solo flight, hit a few bumps then reached cruising altitude.

Come back SOON, I've got a post about my man Marron in Kyoto (from Based on Kyoto) who I played with last night AND a red-hot edit of Unlimited Touch I just finished to remind y'all of our upcoming Hit It and Quit It Revue Vol. II Holiday Throw Down (Dec. 11, spread the good word).

Arohanui to you and yours...

HIQI Playlist Nov. 23, 2009

Nebraska - "Masala Dosa"
Kenny Dixon Jr. - "Track2Track"
The Carter Bros - "Close It Out"
The Oliverwho Factory - "Ba Da La"
Marvin Belton - "Any Day Now (Electro Mix)"
Pablo Sanchez Ft. Colonel Red - "Glory Stories (Recloose Remix)"
Pablo - "Goes To Pluto"
B.B.C.S. & A. - "Rock Shock"
Material - "Over & Over (Greg Wilson ZE-edit)"
The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - "Two Sides Of The Truth"
Orquesta Los Van Van - "Hasta La Semana Que Viene"
Fabulous Counts - "Get Down People"
Dyke & the Blazers - "Shotgun Slim"
K Dee Orchestra - "Journey (K-Dope Disco Synth Mix)"
Foster Jackson Group - "Feel The Spirit"
Moonstarr Ft. Tony Ezzy - "Hav'em"
Eddie Palmieri - "Puerto Rico"
Dizzy Gillespie - "Manteca"
Hudson Mohawke - "Just Decided Ft. Olivier Daysoul"
Funkadelic - "Radio Plastic (ConSection Remaster)"

HIQI Nov. 23, 2009 Pt. 1
HIQI Nov. 23, 2009 Pt. 2

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Greetings from Sydney! I'm over here on a quick weekend sweep with my cohort Julien Dyne. Big ups to Jules 'Inkswell' and Rambl for the party potnaship, good vibes abound...

So here it is, the whole Hit It and Quit It Revue live from the Basement, Nov. 13, 2009. I haven't listened to it to edit out any of the questionable nuggets/moments (there are likely many- looking back my mic technique was WAY over the top... over-hype!!!). Anyways, hope you feel the vibe like we did on the night. We've also included a few photos from the night to give you an idea of what you missed....

Be sure to mark your calendars for our next intallment Dec. 11 (the Holiday Throw Down!).





The HIQI REVUE Vol. 1 Pt. 1
The HIQI REVUE Vol. 1 Pt. 2
The HIQI REVUE Vol. 1 Pt. 3

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT Nov. 16, 2009

Kia ora crew, Recloose is back in the building. I had a brilliant time in Europe (once again, big thanks to the Southport Weekender, Borja/Lovemonk crew and Christiaan/ Rush Hour posse!)... but I can't front, its real nice to be home. 

I had a chance to run through a ton of new music I picked up over the last few weeks, felt good to be back on the air. Big big ups to Frank Booker for holding down the fort while I was away. Also thanks to J from Bluevibe for coming up and plugging his Music Machines gig this Saturday, its going to be fresh (well, if you're a synth nerd like me anyways).

Got the links for the complete Hit It and Quit It Revue live from the club too, will be posting this later this week (Ben Lawson, you're the dude). Come back real soon...

HIQI Playlist Nov. 16, 2009

Kink - "Psyche Funk (Original Mix)"
Rick Wilwhite - "Drum Patterns & Memories (Moodymann Mix)"
Brooklyn Express - "Change Position (88)"
The Carter Bros - "Schooled"
Derrick May - "Sinister"
San Proper - "Keep It Raw"
Shake - "The Other One"
Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Got It"
Domu - "Heartbeat"
Eddie Kendricks (Moton Edit) - "Going Up In Smoke"
Gary Toms Empire - "Hurricane"
Rick James - "Give It To Me Baby"
Raw Silk - "Just In Time & Space"
Alleem Ft. Leroy Burgess - "Release Yourself"
Juicy - "Beat Street Strut"
D Train - "D Train Dub (Francois K Mix)"
Adonis - "No Way Out"
Model 500 - "Future (Inst)"
Halo - "Let Me Do It"
Pieces Of A Dream - "Mt. Airy Groove"
The System - "Tu Estas En Mi Systema"
The Egyptian Lover - "Green Onions"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No by James Blagden

How good is this? I used to have this dude's baseball cards... (thanks Jeff).

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Heads up! Our night we've been super-hyping for the last 2 months has arrived. We're really excited and think its going to be something special. Hope to see you there.


As for our promised Power Mix, we've all been pretty hunkered down with getting the night together so.... we'll soon be releasing the entire HIQI Revue Vol. I on 320 kbps MP3s (warts and all). If you can't make it at least you can dial it up after the fact.

Feel free to dig through our radio archives for some more flavor in the meantime.

Finally, we're proud to leak....
Feb. 12, 2010- The HIQI Revue Valentine's Day Special w/ SG Trus'Me.
Book it in.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BIG UPDATE from Europa...

My bad fam. I've been in Europa for a week now and didn't even heads you up. I've got a list of valid excuses (giant house/studio move followed by 40 hour trip followed by 3 gigs followed by zzzzz). But who needs excuses.

[This is the wrong Europa, but it felt like I'd traveled this far...]


First big ups to Borja and the Lovemonk crew, Pablo Sanchez (remix is almost done!), Marula Cafe (in both Madrid and Barcelona) and Spanish peeps in general for showing the love. I look forward to many happy returns, you guys know how to throw down.

THIS JUST IN: You can listen to and purchase the new Recloose/Frank Booker remix of Los Amigos Invisibles' 'Plastic Woman' fresh out on Lovemonk here.

Next up- the Amsterdam fam as always. Halloween throw-down was great fun and really digging on my man's Christiaan's (Rush Hour) and Paul's (Machine) new endeavour MiNiBAR. And now I'm here all week plotting the next wave of Recloose releases... Shit is on.


So on the home front first want to send mad congrats to our main man and show producer Ben Lawson who became a proud father last week. How will we manage without you son??

Meanwhile on the radio, Frank Booker has been holding down the fort as well as prepping you all for our debut night- THE HIT IT AND QUIT IT REVUE Friday the 13th of November at The Basement. We're dropping our HIT IT AND QUIT IT REVUE POWER PROMO MIX this week to pump up what will be a banging night in Auckland. Hope to see kiwi funknuts out in full-force and dressed to the hilt. We're not playing around...


on Friday (looking forward to rocking with Mad Mats, Dam Funk, Marcellus Pittman and the rest of this killer line-up) and to rock with my crew in Sheffield (and might blow a horn on some Shake Aletti biznezz). I better rest the f*** up... now.

Arohanui, more tomorrow...

PS. Support Chico Mann, here's some freshness: