Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- July 20, 2009

Back into it! Our welcome home show features a barrage of boogie and disco finds from my recent trip to the states plus a few other delirious tangents. Note second half of show when jet lag starts kickin in for both myself and Chris Cox (who was also away in sunny Croatia).

Also want to take this opportunity to properly thank everybody who made our trip to the states one of the best in a long time (I tried without much success to do this on this show, thanks jet lag...). Not so briefly- ups to the city of Detroit, Family Funktion crew, Dennis Coffey, Cliff Bell's, People's Records, Russell St. Deli, Le Petit Zinc (and Faruq Z. Bey for the lunchtime session), Slow's BBQ, Scott Zacharias, Craig Huckaby, Jeremy Callio, DJ Dez, DJ Sicari, the city of Chicago, Good for Party crew, Funky Buddha Lounge, V-Nutz, Don Solo, Jordan Z, Josh Deep, Mr. Peabody Records, Claudia @ Mercury Lounge in Ottawa, Trevor Walker, Picnik Electronic festival in Montreal, Andy Williams, Jerome (records!), Moonstarr, Turntables on the Hudson, Nicodemus, Jazzbo, Farid @ 18th Street Lounge, and all my family I got to see on the trip (not least of which I gotta send a special shout to Ma-Dukes for the hospitality and looking after the rugrats). You all are too much, thanks!

Enough gushing. Here's the show, enjoy....

(PS. Don't sleep on that free download of Shake Aletti's Digital Connection remixed by yours truly below...)

HIQI July 20, 2009 PLAYLIST
Steve Harrington's Hall Of Fame - "Way Out"
Shake Aletti - "Digital Connection (Recloose Remix)"
Edwin Birdsong - "Win Tonight"
Jimmy Spicer - "The Bubble Bunch"
The B.B & Q Band - "Imagination"
Aura - "In The Mood (To Groove)"
Aretha Franklin - "Jump"
Enchantment - "Settin' It Out"
The Jammers - "Be Mine Tonight"
Brenda Watts - "Love Treatment (Edit)"
Junior - "Mama Used To Say"
TS Monk - "Bon Bon Vie"
Key-Matic - "Breakin' In Space (Instrumental)"
Andres- "Back home"/"Physical Bush"/"Change My Mind"
Peven Everett - "Heat Up"
Coati Mundi - "No More Blues"
Earth Wind & Fire - "The Fantasy's (Visions Remix)"
Sylvia - "Lay It On Me"
Junior Byron - "Sunshine"
Blue Magic - "Tear It Down"

HIQI July 20, 2009 Pt. 1
HIQI July 20, 2009 Pt. 2

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shake Aletti- Digital Connection (Recloose Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

We're back...


Shake Aletti- Digital Connection (Recloose Remix)

New show up tomorrow.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- June 15, 2009

Yo, I have been on VACATION!!! Its been great, but my apologies for not finding the time to post the June 15 show until now. Its chock full of new stuff, namely from the Recloose and Frank Booker vaults (including new remixes for Shake Aletti and Los Amigos Invisibles). With main man Chris Cox on the co-host duties... Playlist and links below.

Also, want to say biggups to everybody that made it to the Recloose gigs in Montreal and Ottawa. And mad thanks to Andy Williams, Moonstarr, Claudia, and Sara at Mercury Lounge for the primo hospitality. Check the myspace site for new Recloose gig details for NYC this Friday July 3 (Turntables on the Hudson), July 4 in DC (18th Street Lounge), July 10 in Chicago (The Buddha Lounge), and July 11 in Detroit (Cliff Bell's with Dennis Coffey Band!).

Me and the crew will be back on July 20 (with deep crates fresh from the trip), in the meantime you can check out Pete Nice amply rocking the fort until then. And thanks to Ben Lawson for stayin on top of the shows too...

[sum videos related to the set...]

HIQI June 15, 2009 PLAYLIST

Recloose - "Can't Take It Ft. Dwele (Theo Parrish Remix)"
Domu - "Springbreak"
Frank Hebly - "De Tuinslangboogie"
Los Amigos Invisibles - "Plastic Women (Recloose & Frank Booker Remix)"
Tropical Treats - "Waarewaah"
All Out War - "America"
Evelyn 'Champagne' King - "Shame"
James Mason - "Rhythm Of Life"
Meikbar - "Feelings"
Frank Booker - "Get On"
Theo Parrish - "Capritarious #7"
Pete Rock & C.L Smooth - "The Creator"
Ice Cube - "The Product"
Ernie & The Top Notes - "Pap Walk"
Shake Aletti - "Digital Connection (Recloose Remix)"
Based On Kyoto - "Flower (James Pants Remix)"
Quazedelic - "Around The World"
Velodrome - "Caputazz"
Hashim - "Al Naafiysh"
Shannon - "Let The Music Play"
Dark Comedy- "Good God"
Starblazers - "Don't Let No One Get You Down"

HIQI June 15, 2009 PT. 1
HIQI June 15, 2009 PT. 2