Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HIT IT & QUIT IT - March 28, 2011

Ah yes, with the quickness once again, it's another essential installment of Hit It & Quit It radio with your hosts, Recloose & Frank Booker.
This week on the show we decided to debate the merits of the New Zealand music industry, a touchy subject at the best of times, and certainly one that drew wide and varied responses from our listeners. Some of them even told us it wasn't a talk show. Clearly they don't tune in much!
On to the music side of things: Fresh music from Fudge Fingas (check out his great debut album, 'Now About How', just released on Prime Numbers. Tip!), Norm Talley, KRL, Tom Trago, Alton Miller and yours truly, debuting a new tune in our semi-regular "Ruff Cutz" feature.
Enjoy the show! Hit It!


1. Fudge Fingas - S1ngularity (Prime Numbers)
2. Tom Trago - Space Balloon (Rush Hour)
3. Langenberg - Even Love (Edit) (Drumpoet)
4. Norm Talley - The Journey (Scott Grooves Panther Remix) (Third Ear)
5. Frank Booker - Shapes & Patterns (White)
6. Manuel Tur - Deviate (Drumpoet)
7. KRL - Chase (Wolf Music)
8. Alton Miller - Ever Wonder (Mixed Signals)
9. Power of Zeus - Sorcerer of Isis (Ole Smokey Edit) (KAT Promo)
10. America - Are You There (Ole Smokey Edit) (KAT Promo)
11. DJ Harvey - Liftoman (Black Cock)
12. Andy Ash - Afro Licky (Stilove4music)
13. Rennie Foster - Connect Like Four (Floppy Don Remix) (Rebirth)
14. Soul Renegades - Y'all Won't Let Me (Craig Bratley Remix) (Instruments of Rapture)
15. Bing Ji Ling feat. Tommy Guerrero - Everybody (Tim "Love" Lee Dub) (Tummy Touch)
16. Loleatta Holloway - Hit & Run (Joey Negro Edit) (White)
17. Sine - Mosquito Walk (Moonstew Edit) (White)
18. Trouble Funk- Say What (D.E.T.T Records)
19. The Meters - Love Slip Upon Ya (Reprise Records)
20. Lou Courtney - Since I First Laid Eyes on You (Soul Brother Records)

HIQI March. 28, 2011 Pt. 1

HIQI March. 28, 2011 Pt. 2

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- March 21, 2011

Not even 24 hours after it's original broadcast- a brand new edition of Hit It & Quit It radio for your eardrums. Don't say we do nothing for ya!

Recloose mean mugging.

This week we celebrated, among other things: Recloose's Resident Advisor Podcast (live for the week, grab it if you haven't already!), great new music (check the playlist below), and the onset of the Southern Hemisphere's Autumnal season (maybe it was just me celebrating that).

Enjoy the show...


1. Recloose – Can’t Take It (Milton Jackson Remix)[Planet E]
2. Benjamin Damage/Dic Daneeka – Infamous [50 Weapons]
3. Braille – The Year 3000 [Rush Hour]
4. Cottam – Sunrise Sunset (Hunee Remix) [Use of Weapons]
5. Ritual – Sore Lip (Club mix) [Strut]
6. Manuel Tur – Most of This Moment (Isolee Dub)[Freerange]
7. Tanner Ross – Goodbye Summer [K7 Records]
8. Ooft – Just Peachy [Wolf Music]
9. Ike – Supernatural [Philpot]
10. No Milk – Awake [Yore]
11. Vakula – Delay [Archipel]
12. Bing Ji Ling – Move On [Tummy Touch Records]
13. Mr. President – Get It Sometime [Favourite]
14. Truth – International Dancing [Devaki Records]
15. Evans Pyramid – No, I Won’t [Smokah Records]
16. The Dells – Adventure (no way back) [Mercury]
17. Mark E – Often Think to Myself [Merc]
18. Craig Bratley – Birdshell (6th borough mix) [Instruments of Rapture]
19. Voices of Black – Friday with Her [K7 Records]
20. Arcadion – Arc [DC Recordings]
21. Dan Electro – Stand by Me [Superhuit France]
22. Batsumi – Lishonile [Comet Records]

HIQI March. 21, 2011 Pt. 1

HIQI March. 21, 2011 Pt. 2

Friday, March 18, 2011

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- March 14, 2011

Friends. This week sees an abbreviated installment of Hit It and Quit It. If you were lucky enough to listen in live you heard a sneak peak of the Recloose Resident Advisor podcast 'Three Words' being posted up this Monday on the site, including a brand new Recloose and Oliverwho Factory track making their world debuts (soon to be heard on the HIT IT & QUIT IT RADIO REVUE Vol. I compilation).

If you weren't near a radio or computer from 6-8pm on Monday, fear not... you can check the podcast in its entirety on this page from Monday next week...
RA Podcast page.

HIQI Playlist March 14, 2011

1. Recloose R.A. podcast (sorry, n/a at this time)
2. Night Gallery – Night Gallery 12”
3. Cherelle – I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On (Todd Terje edit)[White label]
4. Westwood/Cash – Psycho for Your Love [PPU]
5. Lisa Warrington – I Like the Way You Do It [PPU]
6. Bumble Bee Unlimited – Funk for Days (W’s edit)[White label]
7. Gill Scott-Heron – The Klan (Moonstew edit) [Moonstew]
8. Dayton – The Sound of Music [Capitol]
9. Backstreed Bank – Let’s be Lovers [Jenk-Al-Ron records]

HIQI March 14, 2011 (Hour 2 only)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recloose- Can't Take It Remixes

Recloose - Can't Take It Rmxs feat. Luciano & M. Jackson.


Available exclusively at the Planet E Shop.

Full-length compilation "20 Fucking Years of Planet E" out now...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- March 7, 2011

It was inevitable that at some stage the topic of sandwiches would arise for lengthy discussion on the show. After all, my partner in crime on the airwaves is he of the infamous "demo on rye" many years ago in Detroit. Needless to say, I was somewhat out of my depth, for as Recloose pointed out: NZ has many strong qualities, but quality sandwich making is not one of them! So we ran through a range of classics and not-so-classics from our listeners and managed to make this drag on for an hour or so. If you're about to tune in: Do yourself a favour and fix yourself a Rueben!

In terms of the music, it was very much focused on the Dance side of things this week: Some excellent new stuff from Christian Prommer, Francis Orchestra Inferno, Falty DL, J Rocc, Moodymann (Egyptian Lover on the mix!) and much, much more.

Bon Appetit!


1. Francis Orchestra Inferno – Meet me in Salt Lake City (original) [Under the Shade]
2. Arcadion – Arc [Depth Charge]
3. DJ Nature – Everyone [Golf Chanel]
4. Rainer Trueby – Ayers rock [White]
5. DJ Nature – Gyrating Savages [Jazzy Sport]
6. Christian Prommer – Lovin feat. Lois Longerling (Dub Mix) [Best Works]
7. Phil Weeks – Luv u need u [Robsoul Recordings]
8. Falty DL – Hip love [Ramp Recordings]
9. Jamie Grind – Now you know [Fortified Audio]
10. Tony Cook – Later for dancing [Stones Throw]
11. Life Boogie – Bobby’s job (Cosmo Baker edit) [White]
12. J-Rocc – Party (Boogieman remix) [Stones Throw]
13. Moodymann – Freeki mutha f*cker (Egyptian Lover Mix) [KDJ]
14. The Emperor Machine – You clapper (album version) [DC Recordings]
15. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Erro – Rock wit u (Yoruba Soul dub) [BBE]
16. Metro Area – Machine Vibes [Environ]
17. Sound Stream (Soundhack) – All night [Sound Stream]
18. The Horses – The horses backed up [KAT promo]

HIQI March. 7, 2011 Pt. 1
HIQI March. 7, 2011 Pt. 2


Latest show up tomorrow.

In the meantime, familiarize yourselves with our little township. We like to call it Archland, New Zealand.

Thanks to Mr. Mitchell for posting up this amazing 5 minutes of truthspeak.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HIT IT AND QUIT IT- Feb. 28, 2011

In light of recent events in Canterbury this week's installment was a markedly more subdued affair. Recloose and Reggie Blount we're in-house playing some new stuff and an array of inspirational joints for the people of Christchurch and Canterbury in what we coined the 'Harbangers of Hope'. While the appeal may have a been a lil clumsy, all the music and sentiment came straight from the heart. We just hope a few Cantabrians* got a momentary dance in...
(*Note: Don't ask Americans to say 'Cantabrians'. You'll hear what we're talking about.)

Our sincere apologies for missing a crucial element of our impromptu Red Cross NZ Earthquake Relief pledge drive (we were told simply to instruct people to text '333' or '555'). If you choose to donate this way please include the word 'quake' in your text, it will result in a $3 or $5 donation to the NZ Red Cross.


Further donations can be made here--->

I guess the final thought here, also for people not in New Zealand, is to please maintain the level of support for the relief effort we've seen to this point. It will be a very long time until Canterbury can be rebuilt and return to a semblance of normalcy. In the meantime there have been many many people rendered homeless, jobless, having lost love ones with extreme trauma heaped onto their lives. Your thoughts, prayers, financial and spiritual support are a few ways you can help heal the damage inflicted on the hearts and souls of Canterbury.

Move on up Christchurch...

HIQI Feb. 28, 2011 Playlist

1. Theo Parrish – Thumpasaurus [Sound Signature]
2. Creative Swing Alliance – Now (Loving You) [MCDE]
3. Hammon Decks – Disgo [Juno]
4. Coati Mundi – Voyage Libertad to the Boat Dance [Rong]
5. Chico Mann – Mentirosos [Wax Poetics]
6. Los Chicharrons – Mar Do Nar (remix) [white]
7. Pedders – Akula [Gamm]
8. Mixed Grill – A Brand New Wayo [Comb & Wazor]
9. Tony Cook – On the Floor (Rock it) feat. The Party People [Stones Throw]
10. Cheri – Give it to Me Baby [Venture]
11. Amalia – Welcome to Me [Tokyo Dawn]
12. Cash – Hot Thang [Kindred Dpirits]
13. Midnight Savari – Pinisi [Death Dtrobe]
14. Dream Kit – Squonk (Super Melody Redream) [white]
15. Curtis Mayfield – Move on Up [Custom]
16. James Pants – Peace [white]
17. J. Rocc – Thru the Tulips [Stones Throw]
18. Romanowski – The Instigator [Bastard Jazz]
19. Lee McDonald – We’ve Only Just Begun (Grant Phabao remix) [Favorite]
20. Q-Tip (feat. D’Angelo) – Believe [Universal/Motown]
21. Inspirational Gospel Singers – The Same Thing It Took [Numero]
22. Build an Ark – Always There [Kindred Spirits]

HIQI Feb. 28, 2011 Pt. 1
HIQI Feb. 28, 2011 Pt. 2