Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hit It & Quit It Radio / March 22 2010

Another week, another installment. Last week I missed the show as myself and Julien Dyne (who is now swanning about Europe on tour with Ladi 6 & Parks. No, I'm not (very) jealous!) were showing Kano the wonders of Piha including Lionrock and the Piha RSA. Yes indeed!

Anyway, Recloose took a day off to spend the day with his girl Alice, on her birthday (Many happy returns!), so it was myself and super producer youngblood Sam Harman in the house, alongside our special guest, Jellphonic.

He's got a new EP coming out on Clone Crown Unlimited (an offshoot of the Dutch label), featuring wild vocals from a gentleman called, Zackey Force Funk. So we gave a little * exclusive * airing to a couple of the tunes, and had a nice chat too. Jolly good!

Also wanted to say a big thanks to all who came down and checked out our Hit It & Quit It vs Turnaround room at the HUGE Tiger Translate gig last weekend at The Winchester in Auckland City. Was a truly dope event, and we were pleased to be involved in conjunction with our old pals, The Turnaround (There is now talk of an annual combined party. Oh yes!)
Of particular enjoyment was the tale end of the night where each DJ went one for one... Some heat came out of that! Only shame was the 2am finish time, felt like was just getting started!

Righty-o, on with the show! Enjoy :)

HIQI March 22, 2010


Lewis McCallum - "The Almanac ft Mara TK" [Finch Studios]
Mark Capanni - "I Believe In Miracles" [Capitol]
Black Rock - "New York City Bump" [BBE]
Golden Echoes - "Packing A Grip" [Numero Group]
Erdbeerschnitzel - "Tonight Is Today is Tomorrow" [3rd Strike]
The Revenge - "Forever In Thier Debt (The Revenge Pitch Down Mix)" [Hometaping Is Killing Music]
Mr De - "Please Believe It" [Renaissance]
Kev YM - "Caravan" [yore]
Linkwood Family - "Piece Of Mind" [Firecracker]
Jellphonic ft Zackey Force Funk - "100 Snakes" [Clone]
Empire Projecting Penny - "Freakman"
Joubert Singers - "Stand On The Word (Hot Coins Rmx)"
Julien Dyne - "Incredulous (Frank Booker Uptown Edit)" [BBE]
Oskar Offermann - "Queens" [White Music]
Hauke Freer - "My Beat" [Real Soon]
Rainer Trueby - "Es Lo Que Pasa" [Compost Records]
Fudge Fingers - "MmmHmmm" [Prime Numbers]
The Oliverwho Factory - "Never Say Never" [Madd Chaise Inc]
Gospel Soul Revivals - "If Jesus Came Today" [Numero Group]
Peabo Bryson - "Spread Your Wings" [Capitol Records]

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HIT IT AND QUIT IT March 15, 2010

Thee latest installment, with Recloose, Sam Harman and Auckland's own DJ Style throwing down a special set for HIQI. 2 hours of anything goes freestyle!!!!

Big thanks to everybody who came up to Khuja to see Kano on Saturday, we all had a blast and are going to have Kano on the regular! Cross-Tasman heat...


D.I.T - "Dance"
Eddie C - "One with the Stars" [Sleazy Beats]
Lindstrom & Christobelle - "Baby Can't Stop (Prins Thomas Rmx)" [Smalltown Supersound]
Lewis McCallum - "Scary Music pt2" [Finch Recordings]

"-=DJ Style Guest Mix=-"
Roy Ayers - "Love Will Bring"
Rex Riddem - "Salvador Diaspora (FRS Mix)"
DJ Style - "Pass the Peas Break"
Funk Shop - "Just Funkin Around (DJ Style Edit)"
Fort Knox Five - "Fort Know Five"
T - Connection - "Groove City"
Positive Funk - "We Got the Funk"
KC & the Sunshine Band - "Boogie Wade"
Barkays - "As One"
Slynk - "Wactha' Doin"
Mike D - "Do It Anyway You Wanna"
Calagad 13 - "Get Down"
Neighbourhood Romeo - "Mambo Santamaria"
Neighbourhood Romeo - "Smoking Doors"
Slynk - "Lets Make It Funky"
The Sly Players - "Superbad (edit)"
"-=End Guest Mix=-"

Falty DL - "Groove"
[Rush Hour]
Osbourne - "Wait A Minute (Airto Mwambe Remix)" [Spectral Sound]
Virgo - "Do You Know Who You Are?" [Rush Hour]
Tevo Howard - "Laboratory" [Hour House Is Your Rush]
Life Recorder - "Rise (Orlando Voorn Remix)" [Night Vision]
Anthony "Shake" Shakir - "Fact Of the Matter" [Frictionalism/Rush Hour]
Directions - "Busted Trees (Carl Craig Spacetrumental)" [!K7]
Cro-Magnon - "Sweetest Taboo" [Jazzy Sport]
Father's Children - "Hollywood Dreaming" [BBE] 

HIQI March 15, 2010 Pt. 1
HIQI March 15, 2010 Pt. 2

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hip Housin'

Yo, been lazy and snoozing on the bloggin' but this is the first in a series of content posts that I've been thinking (read procrastinating) on doing. So without further ado lets think back to a simpler time, a time when shaving your name into your high top fade was as smooth as it came, a time when gold ropes weren't just the domain of Too Short, a time when wearing sunglasses inside while sporting a mustache and a fanny pack was what all label bosses did. That time, my friends, was Chicago in the late 80s : The birthplace of Hip House

Or is that Club Rap? Rap House?
Unfortunately Hip House was getting no love from mainstream Chicago, in fact this documentary was produced by the BBC and only shown in the UK.

Here's Fast Eddie with a performance on Chicago TV in the late 80s and his thoughts on the lack of support that Hip House was receiving

Ma' fuckers be cutting shapes in that clip, except for that bowl-cutted reporter?
No love? Seriously?!
According to Tyree Cooper in an interview he did with 5 magazine, not only was the mainstream not getting with Hip House but the New York Hip Hop community was also giving the movement no love :

TYREE: BET used to have a show called "Rap City." There was a guy called Prime. Prime and I were in New York during the New Music Seminar. Prime says, "Let's go to this rap unity conference and talk about the unity in rap music and why they don't play Hip House videos. Ask why BET plays Fast Eddie and Mr. Lee but MTV was bigger and they (Ed Lover and Dr. Dre) were getting the same videos but weren't playing them."

The panel was Prince Paul, MC Lyte, Ice-T, Ed Lover and a couple others. Prime said, "Why don't you go to the mic and say something about why they don't play any Hip House videos if you're about unity?" So I did. I said my name and they recognized me because Ed Lover tried to do a Hip House record and said it didn't work. I said you should have got me to do the production. So he asked me why, when Rappin' Duke did "Da Ha Da Ha," they didn't call it "Country Hop."

I said, "Well that's cause it was B-Boy Music, it wasn't even Hip Hop then."

So we got into an argument and the panel kind of closed after that. It was getting heated. A Tribe Called Quest, Brand Nubian - all these Hip Hop heads, and lot of them didn't even have deals then, they we're just young guns. A lot of them were like, "Fuck all that dance music, all that crazy ass fag shit."

I'm like, "You don't know that shit was born and bred in Chicago on the South and Westside. Just as hard as y'all think y'all are, MFs in Chicago is just as hard." Twenty years ago, Hip House would have been the Down South rap of the time, it was the next big thing.

When Dr. Dre from NWA got in contact with Benji asking for me or Fast Eddie to do House mixes or a House track for a new artist they were producing, that's when that shit got big. The artist was The D.O.C. "Portrait of a Masterpiece" came out, and that was the same thing. Then you had Daddy-O from Stetsasonic openly dissing House Music but "Talkin' All That Jazz" was just that. Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One - no one liked Hip House but everyone knew it. New York on their own were still trying to get their respect. For another sub-genre to come along was threatening to them. If that didn't do it, all the shit that came after it did it. All the records from Europe that were getting played in America that were called Hip House or had a Hip House mix and it wasn't anything to do with Hip House. But commercial stations like B96 were playing and it and there were too many sub-genres for the stations to keep up with it.

Read the rest of that interview here http://www.5chicago.com/features/september2008/tyree-cooper.html

Until the dollar bills started showing up, then everybody jocked the sound.Wonder how many "Hip Hop Heads" realize this.

Tyree is still doing his do, he moved to Berlin and has recently started a label: Supa Dupa Records

So reach out and say what up to the man on facebook and check this classic bit of slept on history that he created

Sorry for the long time between drinks will do another post in the next two weeks until then stay rapping at 120 bpm

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

HIT IT AND QUIT IT March 8, 2010 w/ Guest Mix from Kano (MEL)

A very rotund Hit It and Quit It show! Interviews with Lewis McCallum (check his stonking new album 'Syntheology' here) and Chico Mann about his show with the legendary Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra at the NZ International Arts Festival in Wellington tonight.

PLUS a stellar mix from our main man Kano! He's piping in special from Melbourne to play our next "Hit It and Quit It Revue: One Night Affair" this Saturday at Khuja Lounge, Auckland. We've included his mix as a separate download so you can soak it up sans Recloose and Booker 80s sitcom banter...

One love and see you Saturday at Khuja.... the HIQI Crew.

Kano representing at a local block party...


Andres - "Body & Soul" [Mahogani Music]
Roy Ayers - "Brother Green" [Urban]
Cameo - "On the One" [Casablanca]
DJ Spun - "Straight To The Bar (Edit)"
James Brown - "Bring It On (Simbad Edit)" [GAMM]
Radiq - "Mo' Roots" [Philpot]
Lewis McCallum - "Scary Music Pt.2" [Finch Studios]
Lewis McCallum - "Age Of Spiritual Machines" [Finch Studios]
Antibalas - "Musical Stilt (Live @ the Jazz Cafe)" [Ninja Tune]

"Kano Guest Mix"
Stro The 89th Key - "Marvin's Music"
Delgui - "Visions"
Popular People's Front - "Tee Cut"
Illja Rudman - "Two Face Love"
Le Disco - "Disco Free (Faze Action Edit)"
Sharon Redd - "Beat The Street (Cosa Nostra's Chop Shop Edit)"
Craig Smith & The Revenge - "Hit Em"
Belleruche - "Anything You Want (Hint Remix)"
Sabo & Zen - "Over The Ocean"
Trus' Me - "Narda"
Al Kent - "Come Back Home"
Dave Valentin - "Cinnamon & Clove"
"End Kano Mix"

Billy Love - "Melloghettomental"
[Sound Signature]
Black Rock - "New York City Bump" [BBE] 

HIQI March 8, 2010 Pt. 1
HIQI March 08, 2010 Pt. 2
Kano's mix (music only)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HIT IT AND QUIT IT March. 1, 2010

This issue: Recloose and Frank Booker running the gamut... 

Guru's still in a coma but is improving, so says Premier. Google it and say a prayer for hip-hop icons, been a hard couple of years....



Steve Marshall - "Maintain" [Reynolds Records]
Daniel Wang - "Shadows" [Rush Hour]
Andres - "Love Heals" [Mahogani Music]
The Eternals - "Strange World (Recloose Mix)" [Diamondtraxx]
DJ Bone - "No Sleep (True to the Roots)" [Sect Records]
The Oliverwho Factory - "Shaka" [Madd Chaise Inc]
Derrick May - "Daymares, It Is What It Is" [R & S Records]
Orlando Voom - "Closer" [Subject Detroit]
Teddy Pendergrass - "Only You"
Midnight Rhythm - "Midnight Rhythm (Simbad Edit)" [Past Due]
William V Gee - "Rockin On Down" [BBE]
Linkwood - "Tears" [Prime Numbers]
Henrik Schwarz - "Marvin" [Mood Music]
Lee Dorsey - "Night People" [ABC Records]
Cymande - "It's Magic" [Janus]
Gangstarr - "Work" [Noo Trybe]
Gangstarr - "Royalty" [Noo Trybe]
Gangstarr - "Dwyck (ft Nice & Smooth)" [Virgin]
DJ Day - "Dwyck The Police" [White]
Gang Starr - "Mass Appeal" [Noo Trybe]
Blundetto - "Nautilis" [Heavenly Sweetness]
Family Man Barrett - "Soul Constitution" [Honest Jon's]
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - "Reggae Makoosa"
Aloe Blacc - "Take Me Back" [Ubiquity]
Hanna - "Shimmer" [Irma]

HIQI March 1, 2010 Pt. 1
HIQI March 1, 2010 Pt. 2

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hit It & Quit It Revue presents.... ONE NIGHT AFFAIR feat. KANO (Melbourne)

Well, well, well.... Time for another throwdown! After last months TRUS'ME gig @ The Basement, we're changing it up this time, moving to our old stomping ground, KHUJA LOUNGE, for a very special "ONE NIGHT AFFAIR" featuring the one and only DJ KANO direct from Melbourne for his New Zealand debut. Yeah!!!

Kano is a dope DJ who I've had the pleasure of spinning with many times down the years, and he always pulls out some serious heat. Don't sleep on this party, it's gonna be DOPE! Ably supported by your Hit It & Quit It DJs (Recloose & Frank Booker), and VJ Subcut, we'll be doing our usual party styles: Cheap drinks, Balloons, Party decorations, Dancing, Singing, Good times!

"One of Australia's most respected, talented and experienced DJ's" — Straight No Chaser

"The sickest DJ west of Piha and South of the equator" - Mark de Clive Lowe

Saturday 13th March
Khuja Lounge
536 Queen Street (Westpac Building)
$10 on the door
10pm til very, very late....