Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hit It & Quit It Radio / March 22 2010

Another week, another installment. Last week I missed the show as myself and Julien Dyne (who is now swanning about Europe on tour with Ladi 6 & Parks. No, I'm not (very) jealous!) were showing Kano the wonders of Piha including Lionrock and the Piha RSA. Yes indeed!

Anyway, Recloose took a day off to spend the day with his girl Alice, on her birthday (Many happy returns!), so it was myself and super producer youngblood Sam Harman in the house, alongside our special guest, Jellphonic.

He's got a new EP coming out on Clone Crown Unlimited (an offshoot of the Dutch label), featuring wild vocals from a gentleman called, Zackey Force Funk. So we gave a little * exclusive * airing to a couple of the tunes, and had a nice chat too. Jolly good!

Also wanted to say a big thanks to all who came down and checked out our Hit It & Quit It vs Turnaround room at the HUGE Tiger Translate gig last weekend at The Winchester in Auckland City. Was a truly dope event, and we were pleased to be involved in conjunction with our old pals, The Turnaround (There is now talk of an annual combined party. Oh yes!)
Of particular enjoyment was the tale end of the night where each DJ went one for one... Some heat came out of that! Only shame was the 2am finish time, felt like was just getting started!

Righty-o, on with the show! Enjoy :)

HIQI March 22, 2010


Lewis McCallum - "The Almanac ft Mara TK" [Finch Studios]
Mark Capanni - "I Believe In Miracles" [Capitol]
Black Rock - "New York City Bump" [BBE]
Golden Echoes - "Packing A Grip" [Numero Group]
Erdbeerschnitzel - "Tonight Is Today is Tomorrow" [3rd Strike]
The Revenge - "Forever In Thier Debt (The Revenge Pitch Down Mix)" [Hometaping Is Killing Music]
Mr De - "Please Believe It" [Renaissance]
Kev YM - "Caravan" [yore]
Linkwood Family - "Piece Of Mind" [Firecracker]
Jellphonic ft Zackey Force Funk - "100 Snakes" [Clone]
Empire Projecting Penny - "Freakman"
Joubert Singers - "Stand On The Word (Hot Coins Rmx)"
Julien Dyne - "Incredulous (Frank Booker Uptown Edit)" [BBE]
Oskar Offermann - "Queens" [White Music]
Hauke Freer - "My Beat" [Real Soon]
Rainer Trueby - "Es Lo Que Pasa" [Compost Records]
Fudge Fingers - "MmmHmmm" [Prime Numbers]
The Oliverwho Factory - "Never Say Never" [Madd Chaise Inc]
Gospel Soul Revivals - "If Jesus Came Today" [Numero Group]
Peabo Bryson - "Spread Your Wings" [Capitol Records]

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