Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HIT IT AND QUIT IT Nov. 16, 2009

Kia ora crew, Recloose is back in the building. I had a brilliant time in Europe (once again, big thanks to the Southport Weekender, Borja/Lovemonk crew and Christiaan/ Rush Hour posse!)... but I can't front, its real nice to be home. 

I had a chance to run through a ton of new music I picked up over the last few weeks, felt good to be back on the air. Big big ups to Frank Booker for holding down the fort while I was away. Also thanks to J from Bluevibe for coming up and plugging his Music Machines gig this Saturday, its going to be fresh (well, if you're a synth nerd like me anyways).

Got the links for the complete Hit It and Quit It Revue live from the club too, will be posting this later this week (Ben Lawson, you're the dude). Come back real soon...

HIQI Playlist Nov. 16, 2009

Kink - "Psyche Funk (Original Mix)"
Rick Wilwhite - "Drum Patterns & Memories (Moodymann Mix)"
Brooklyn Express - "Change Position (88)"
The Carter Bros - "Schooled"
Derrick May - "Sinister"
San Proper - "Keep It Raw"
Shake - "The Other One"
Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Got It"
Domu - "Heartbeat"
Eddie Kendricks (Moton Edit) - "Going Up In Smoke"
Gary Toms Empire - "Hurricane"
Rick James - "Give It To Me Baby"
Raw Silk - "Just In Time & Space"
Alleem Ft. Leroy Burgess - "Release Yourself"
Juicy - "Beat Street Strut"
D Train - "D Train Dub (Francois K Mix)"
Adonis - "No Way Out"
Model 500 - "Future (Inst)"
Halo - "Let Me Do It"
Pieces Of A Dream - "Mt. Airy Groove"
The System - "Tu Estas En Mi Systema"
The Egyptian Lover - "Green Onions"


harvey said...

Both files are the same part one of the show

soulpatrol said...

what he said - keen to hear the 2nd half at some stage

Lola said...


RECLOOSE said...

Doh! Fixing it now, thanks crew!