Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Recloose- 'Sounds Pacific-ish' Mix for Red Bull


I'm pretty sure I was trying to be 'current' when I did this a few months back, its only dropped now on the Red Bull site. Its a BROAD interpretation of 'Pacific' sounds... New Hit It show up tomorrow. Enjoy...

Recloose 'Sounds Pacific' Playlist

    Eru Dangerspiel- Intro NZ
    Zackey Force Funk, St. Liquor-ish, Reggie Blount- Sexxy [CD-R] NZ
    Slum Village feat. Marsha Ambrosius- Cloud 9
    Clyde feat. Jane Hamilton- Read My Mind (Hearin' Aid's Psychic Network mix) [Rae Fusion]
    Karriem Riggings- 12's in 8
    Bullion- Young Heartache
    Gecko Turner feat Eska- Monosabio Blues (Philip Owusu remix) [Lovemonk]
    Tettory Bad feat. Paul Randolph- Ruff 'n Tuff [Jazzy Sport]
    The Starblazers- Danger Zone (Recloose Mix) [Fingertips] NZ
    Nebraska- The Other Side [Rush Hour]
    Dam Funk- Lets Take Off (Far Away) [Stones Throw]
    Coati Mundi- Pharaoh (Can't Take It To The Grave) [Virgin]
    Bing Ji Ling- Home [Lovemonk]
    Stack- Win Jesse Win [P&P]
    Julien Dyne- Incredulous NZ
    Eru Dangerspiel- Sambaskooldropout NZ
    Chico Mann- Mentirosos
    Roy Alton- I'm Going Home [Cactus]

    Recloose's RBMA "Sounds Pacific" Mix

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milyoo said...

heh. it's very "current".