Thursday, October 15, 2009


HIT IT AND QUIT IT OCT. 21, 2009- The SOUNDTRACK SPECIAL w/ Submariner, Julien Dyne, Frank Booker and Recloose. Many thanks for the team effort on this one, TONS of fun... Peep the tracklist.


HIQI October 12, 2009 PLAYLIST

  1. New Birth - "Tell That Man" Gordon's War Soundtrack
  2. Quincy Jones - "Sanford & Son Theme"
  3. Rueben Wilson - "Superfly"
  4. Goblin - "Death Dies" From the film Profundo Rosso
  5. Johnny Pate - "Shaft In Africa" Shaft in Africa Soundtrack
  6. J.J.Johnson - "Harlem Clavinette" Soundtrack from 'Across 110th Street'
  7. Edwin Starr - "Easin' In" Soundtrack from Hell Up In Harlem
  8. David Matthews - "Sandworms" Dune (inspired by the book... which became a movie)
  9. War - "Flying Machines [The Chase]" Soundtrack from Youngblood
  10. Earth, Wind & Fire - "Africano" Soundtrack from That's The Way of the World
  11. Rhythm Heritage - "Theme from Lipstick"
  12. Four Tops - "Are You Man Enough" Soundtrack from Shaft in Africa
  13. Crooklyn Dodgers - "Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers" Soundtrack from Clockers
  14. The Keystones feat. Malcolm Catto - "Attack of the Killer Penguins" From Bloods Haul
  15. Antonio Pinto and Ed Cortes - "Meu Nome e Ze" Soundtrack from City of God
  16. Marvin Gaye - "T Plays It Cool" Soundtrack from Trouble Man
  17. Lew Howard & The All-Stars - "Hula Rock" The Cream Of The Bosworth Library Sessions
  18. Francie Lai - "Number 1"
  19. Galt McDermot - "Golden Apples - Part 2" Soundtrack from Ever After All
  20. Takin' Off From The Film Big Pimp Joe
  21. James Brown - "Down & Out In New York City" From The Soundtrack Black Caesar
  22. Galt McDermot - "Harlem Medley - Part 1" From The Film Cotton Comes To Harlem
  23. Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers - "Superfly"
  24. The Professionals - "Theme From The Godfather"
  25. Bill Conti - "Reflections" Soundtrack From 'Rocky'
  26. Donny Hathaway - "Little Ghetto Boy" From The Film Come Back Charleston Blue
  27. David Shire - "Mini Manhunt / End Titles" From The Film 'Taking Of Pelham 123'
  28. Keith Gumbs - "Everybody Is Talking" From The Film 'Midnight Cowboy'
  29. Mr Dibiase - "May the Force" Inspired by The Imperial March
  30. Quincy Jones - "Apache Camp" Music From The Film 'Mackenna's Gold'
  31. Alf - "Stuck On Earth" Alf
  32. Mulatu - "Metche Dershe" From The Film 'Broken Flowers'
  33. Earth, Wind and Fire - "Sweetback's Theme" From Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song
Hit It and Quit It October 12, 2009 [THE SOUNDTRACK SPECIAL] PT. 1
Hit It and Quit It October 12, 2009 [THE SOUNDTRACK SPECIAL] PT. 2

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