Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome Denizens of Dopeness

Kia ora crew and welcome to the Hit It and Quit It Radio blogspot, your source for downloadable mixes from RECLOOSE and CO. weekly radio show here in Auckland, New Zealand.

Unfortunately its been pretty difficult for international friends to tune in (its usually on some ridiculous hour outside of New Zealand) so hopefully providing the shows here will alleviate some of the nudges I've been getting over the last few months. Bear with me as I just got a stack of CDs last night that I need to shammy and upload over the next few weeks (thanks Dean)...

In the meantime you can get a little more info, including past playlists, here.

Beyond the radio angle, though, this is gonna be the spot for some of my favorite joints (320kps only, represent), party/tour info, news, guest rumblings, pontificating... basically a blog. Duh.

Disseminate wildly.
Aroha, Recloose.

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