Friday, September 4, 2009

HIQI delay... so here's a booby prize.

Hey y'all. My sincerest apologies, we've been steady chasing George FM for this week's show... to no avail. It was a goodie so hang tight and we'll get it up as soon as we get some love...

So in place of that here's a little boogie skank thing courtesy Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. This tune is pretty hilarious, no doubt the broze got a little overzealous on the sampler (but hey, who hasn't?!). Anybody want to gander which one they were using? I'm going to guess the Akai 612... Matthew Herbert once told me this was his favorite sampler because of the way you can freak the start/end points (pretty revolutionary for 1985...).

Off to Ponsonby Social Club with Julien Dyne, boh!


R.O.A.R.- We Gotta Do It (Extended Mix)

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