Monday, July 26, 2010

RIP OF THE WEEK: Ureaus- Let Our Music Make Love To You

A new installment to the HIQI blog! Bleeeeve it!


The included photo is not mine, its from the OG 45 release. I WISH this was the 'disco version' though. This version is ripped from my 'Abet Review' compilation circa 1976, clocking in at around 3:00. It says this about Ureaus:

"WASHINGTON, D.C. Ureaus is a super group from the Washington area. This dynamite group is a real crowd pleaser as evidenced by their recording 'Let Our Music Make Love To You'. And this it does. You will fall in love with Ureaus and their music."

Also: "Excello 2345- Let Our Music Make Love To You"

Odd that so little is actually written about this 'super group'. The other profiles on this compilation are a bit more extensive but this is by far the stand out track.

A staple of my crates for the last 10 years, nuff said. Enjoy!

Ureaus- Let Our Music Make Love To You (320 kbps)

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