Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hit It & Quit It: Double Edition!

Our apologies for the delay in posting last week's show. We have this thing called Daylight Savings where everybody's clocks change.  Evidently the super computer at George couldn't handle the pressure and recorded some other show, or something like that. Anywaaaaaaay.....

We have two weeks worth of GRIPPING radio shows for you in one hit today: Monday 4th October & Monday 11th October. And oh my, what fine shows they were too.
Monday the 4th was very much on a HOUSE music tip, with a special tip of the hat to Mr. Aaron Carl (RIP), a special preview of an exclusive podcast Recloose has done for our good friends at Ghostly International and lots of great music from the likes of Vakula (Firecracker), The Beat Addicts, KDJ and much, much more.

This week's show was back to the usual chaotic, all over the shop (in a good way!) Hit It & Quit It. We had a packed studio full of guests, and managed to talk a bit of junk about our forthcoming Halloween edition of Hit It & Quit It (Saturday 30th October at Cassette 9, Auckland City. Hollar!). We got some great ideas for costumes.... Myself and Recloose are thinking about going as The Proclaimers. Or not.

Anyway, on with the show. Enjoy. Spread the love! HIT IT & QUIT IT! RAH!

HIQI October 4, 2010 Playlist

"Recloose GhostCast" (Ghostly International)
[(Sneak Peek)]
[Hear it here--->]

DJ Bone - "The Music (Aaron Carl Remix)" [Subject Detroit]
Aaron Carl Remix - "Hard Life" [Underground Resistance]
The Beat Addicts - "Imagination" [Sweat Records]
Moodymann - "It's 2 Late 4 And Me" [Mahogani]
Vakula - "Black & White" [Firecracker Recordings]
Sam Irl - "Lakes" [Fresh Minute Music]
Jneiro Jarel - "Amazonica" [Kindred Spirits]
Phantom Lover - "Change (Show Me How) ft Nicolas Ryan G" [White]
Swede:art - "Underpurpled (Dandario Remix)" [Tokyo Dawn Records]
Bruce Haack - "Party Machine" [Stones Throw]
Redknosedistrict - "Limit" [Kindred Spirits]
Daniel Solar Rework - "Hurt Me" [Hit Records]
Deodato - "Speak Low" [MCA]
Richard Evans - "Capricorn Rising" [Horizon Music]
Jeffree - "Mr Fix-It (Chow Daddy Edit)" [White]
DSS1 - "Switch Hitter 1.1" [White]
Pastor T.L. Barrett & Youth For Christ Choir - "Like A Ship" [Jazzman]
Aloe Blacc - "Hey Brother" [Stones Throw]
AWB & Ben E King - "Get It Up For Love" [Atlantic]
Rodney Franklin - "Endless Flight" [CBS]

HIQI Oct.4, 2010 Pt. 1
HIQI Oct.4, 2010 Pt. 2

HIQI October 11, 2010 Playlist

Jo Boyer - "Isabelle And The Rain" [JOB Records]
J.R. Funk and the Love Machine - "Feel Good, Party Time" [Brass Records]
Captain Rock - "Cosmic Glide" [nia Records]
Dam Funk - "Raindrops" [Stones Throw]
Arto Mwambe - "Duster Fc" [PlayRJC]
The Reboot Jay Confession - "1999 (Untitled)" [Philpot]
Kyle Hall - "After Fall" [Rush Hour]
Red Rack em - "NG Style" [Bergerac]
Billy Love - "Melloghettomental" [Sound Signature]
Donga & Blake - "Grown Ups" [Well Rounded Records]
Jimmy Edgar - "NXTLVLNXTLVL" [Non Plus]
Cosmin TRG - "Liebe Suende" [Rush Hour]
Marcello Napoletano - "Everyday Madness" [Hour House Is Your Rush]
Funkineven - "Justanotherplace" [Eglo]
James T Cotton - "Octopus" [Ghostly International]
Robert O Dell - "Triple Somersault" [Citinite]
Drexciya - "Sea Snake" [Shockwave]
Block 16 - "Can't Stop w/ Robert Owens" [Nu:phonic]
Souled - "Jam Scam" [Fresh Minute Music]
Nebraska - "This Is The Way" [Rush Hour]
Quango - "Frantic Moment ft. Eska" [Deeper Soul]
Franc Spangler - "Open Eyes" [Delusions Of Grandeur]
Albert King - "The Pinch Pt 2" [Stax]

HIQI Oct.11, 2010 Pt. 1
HIQI Oct.11, 2010 Pt. 2


Tom said...

Yo, Ayatollah Bromeini, pt. 2 is a repeat link to pt. 1. How'm I gonna know how the show ends?!

soulpatrol said...

what Tom said...

RECLOOSE said...

Just caught us nappin, sorry... FIXED!!!

jasl said...

Great Ghostcast!!!!