Monday, October 4, 2010

RIP of the week: Tye Tribbett 'Mighty Long Way'

OK. Something really very special for you all this week. This came out as a re-edited version (the original was a CD only thing, and rather hard to come by) on a white label 12" bootleg with Roots Manuva vs Sa-Ra on the flip.

This was a HUGE record when it came out. It was heard all over the place in London (where I was living at the time), a big tune at Co-op and also played to death by Gilles Peterson & Benji B and any other DJ interested in Soul music. And why not: It's a joyous gospel tune with a Dilla-esque bounce to the beat (I believe Mr James Poyser is at least in part responsible for the production).

As it was only a limited bootleg release, it's virtually impossible to come by now. This version is ripped from the vinyl: Enjoy!

Tye Tribbett 'Mighty' (320 kbps)


Caslon 172 said...

oh man - i have only recently dug this 12 out of the crates again and have been playing it. Seems the second time around it's workin' too! My favourite gospel tune ever (well besides that awesome disco one you played on Ennio Styles' show but never sent me). hehehe!! werrrd!

Alexander Lay-far said...