Thursday, September 30, 2010

HIT IT & QUIT IT- September 27, 2010

Another week, another unmissable episode of Hit It & Quit It Radio (If I do say so myself).
We got to grips with all sorts in this week's show: the unreleased Starblazer's 'Sunshine' to praise the arrival of spring (yes, the weather has been SHIT in Auckland until this week. Give thanks to the Sun Goddess!), new House heat from the Nebraska & Erdbeerschnitzel, Boogie madness from Supersoulsonic (Re-edited by Mr Compost himself, Michael Reinboth alongside Christian Prommer).... Ahhh, and yes... I dropped a Recloose classic - Soul Clap 2000 - as he's too modest to plug his own stuff, but the sampler 12" to the Early Works compilation is out now, so get thee to the record emporium & cop that!

Large shouts to Mark de Clive Lowe & Nia Andrews, who did a great show at Ponsonby Social Club last week, and of course DJ Mitsu The Beats & Taro Wassupski (Jazzy Sport) @ The Turnaround for rolling through Auckland with some heat!
On with the show....

HIQI Sept. 27, 2010 Playlist

Brooklyn Express - "Sixty-Nine" [One Way Records]
Starblazers - "Sunshine" [White]
Jason Lev & Dr J Edit - "Stayed Away" [Truth Is Light]
Supersoulsonic - "Have Some Fun (Micheal Reinboth & Christian Prommer Mix)" [Compost Records]
Recloose - "Soul Clap 2000" [Rush Hour]
Jayson Brothers - "Monster Box" [MCDE]
Nebraska - "This is the Way" [Rush Hour]
Joey Negro pres Akabu - "Raw Love feat Ovasoul7 (Reprise)"
Julia and Company - "Breakin' Down (Sugar Samba)" [London]
Erdbeerschnitzel - "I Wonder" [3rd Strike Recordings]
Terry Brooks - "Trippitaka" [Deep Art]
"You Can Be (Deadly Sins B Boy edit)" [Giant Cuts]
Howard Johnson - "Let's Take Time Out" [A & M Records]
The Deele - "Body Talk" [S.O.L.A.R. Records]
Edwin Birdsong - "Perfect Lovin" [Singh Records]
Murakami Ponta - "Latin Stuff"
Eddy Senay - "Cameo" [BBE]
Buddy Sativa - "Una Peripecia" [Favourite Recordings]
Phat Kat - "Nobody (instr)" [Promo]
Phat Kat - "Nobody" [Promo]
Common - "Take It EZ" [Relativity]
Artifacts - "Dynamite Soul" [BigBeat]
Large Professor - "The Mad Scientist" [Geffen Records]
Group Home - "Supa Star" [PayDay]
Erule - "Synopsis" [Pallas Records]
Michael Jackson - "Everybody's Somebody's Fool" [Motown]
Freddie McGregor - "Natural Collie (Submariner Edit)" [White]

HIQI Sept. 27, 2010 Pt. 1

HIQI Sept. 27, 2010 Pt. 2


Jonathan said...

Great show. Whats the story behind Starblazers - Sunshine? How can that banger be unreleased?? Is it available for purchase/download anywhere?

Caslon 172 said...

ok - so here's an old school dj rant. what's up with people coming up with a 'group' or 'production' name and just editing an old tune up and calling it their own and not giving props to the original artist?? I have been through the whole age of covering up labels and protecting your digging finds. . ala producers of hip hop in the late 80's-early 90's. . but all of that has changed and now in this crap mp3 age I see it more as our duty to promote great music from the past and give these cats at least some recognition of their contribution to the musical scenes we leech from. I hear more and more really great (but sometimes basic) edits out there that are mostly not even pressed on wax . . with no reference to the past whatsoever - just the producer's name as the artist! I mean, really, in this day n age surely we respect these quality original artists enough to give them the kudos so that they can pass away knowing their efforts are now being appreciated. (coz they pretty much made zero for their forward thinking efforts). .and perhaps we can afford them a quality funeral. It's probably the most respect they will get in their lifetime. (harsh!?)
I used to only be about protecting my knowledge of diggin' . .but that's dead. . in the end it's the artist who gave me this knowledge so I have to give them theirs!
In a nut shell - If you are making an edit or a re-mix, don't call it yours, always reference the past, and give the artist something in return, as they are the ones that gave you the inspiration.
Even if you don't have permission - most of these artists were on independent labels anyway and had no coverage - just like you!! So get together with them and just spread the word! Most of these artists are happy to hear that people are listening to what they made some 30 years ago!. You're not going to get in trouble unless you have come up with another bullshit genius way of re-hashing a daftpunk War sample. We can geek out on rare shit when we meet in person though - I am totally into a 2hour long conversation about sampling and collecting, and I'm open to letting you scour my collection of vinyl one night and introducing me to some shit i never knew was in there! And maybe that night we can seek out something that moves us immensely and we can email the musician and tell him/her about our delight! !

RECLOOSE said...
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RECLOOSE said...
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RECLOOSE said...

Hey Casslon,

I agree, its pretty cheeky trying to swoop in and take credit for somebody else's music. We actually played two things this week that didn't credit the original, pretty wack (and usually avoided on our show) but they were both too good NOT to play. Let us know if you figure out what the groups are...

The other thing is its a way of covering your ass (bootleg style), not to say that makes it any more ethical...