Saturday, September 11, 2010

Give The Drummer Some!

Clyde Stubblefield is THE Funky Drummer. You may not know that you know his work, but you sure DO know his work. Responsible for some of the foundation breaks, Clyde is still alive and (snare) kickin'. Last year Clyde suffered kidney failure and had to embark on weekly dialysis. You can and should read about the man's situation and import by following the link.
With the way legendary musical figures obituaries permeate so quickly in the age of social media, and they are subsequently eulogized by those who know how they'll be missed. So too is it possible to help out these extra special humans while they twist on this mortal coil with you. Clyde Stubblefield is just such an extra special human and we ain't lost him yet.
So break bread, pass the peas and


It takes exactly 2 minutes, and if you've ever listened to hip hop, or danced to recorded music then you are in the man's debt.

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