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HIT IT AND QUIT IT- Dec. 20, 2010: Year End Favorites plus Tribute to 2010's Fallen Heroes...

Well, this is the last show of the year, and what a year its been. The show, the listenership, the Revue and the plans for 2011 have all grown significantly. There has been a collection of great moments (on-air and in the club) as well as contributions from all sorts of people who have been welcomed open arms into the extended Hit It and Quit It family. And to top it off we wrapped up the year with the biggest HIQI Revue to date, rocking the rafters with the likes of Moodymann, DJ Day, The Turnaround crew, The Dose DJs, DJ Mu and of course yours truliest, Recloose and Frank Booker. To be honest, we're all still reeling (and recovering) from this one- it was a veritable musical and artistic coup d'etat for this country (if we do say so ourselves...).

KDJ... photo credit: DJ Day

Before we get into the show, I'd like to take this opportunity to send out some heartfelt shout outs to people and institutions that have had an indelible influence on the growth of our artistic vision. In no particular order- Grace and Red Bull Music Academy for their incredible support for our just gone 'End of Year Throwdown', Serato Audio Research (and the whole damn team!) for revolutionizing our shit, Ben 'Lawsonater' Lawson for getting the shows up every week like clockwork, Sam 'Harmanizer' Harman for the good vibes and energy every week, Lakshmann Anandanayagam for making the Revue look so good, KDJ, DJ Day, DJ Kon, Dam Funk, The Oliverwho Factory, DJ Kano, Mike Cina, Eugen Danzinger, Wolf Music, Jellphonic, Young Marco, Nickodemus, Reggie Blount, Julien Dyne, Nathan Haines, Trus'me, Andy 'Submariner' Morton, Manuel Bundy, Cian O'Donnell, DJ Truent, Chef D, Dave Carroll, Rowan Herbert, Bill Gray, Tony Cooper at All City Promotions, Christiaan de Witt, Rush Hour for the consistently best promos we could ever hope for, George FM, Ponsonby Social Club, Cesar Ramirez, Ghostly International, Conch Records, The Jewel School, Bharat Jamnadas, Ron Olson, Seth Wilson, Mere Naigulevu, Eric Orr, Chico Mann, James Pants, Charlie Dark, Tyler Askew, Tiger Brewery, Galatos, Khuja Lounge, The Basement, Cassette 9, Barrio, Coopers Brewery, Adrian Duff, Jason Fishwick, Metro Magazine, The City of Detroit, Scott Zacharias, Brad Hales and People's Records, Josh Dunn, Wax Poetics Magazine, Andrew Morgan at PPU, Border Music... Extra big thank you to the handful of people I surely just forgot to thank (I'm sure I'll remember over the holidays, kicking myself). And finally, a mighty and hearty thanks to YOU, the listener... who have made us one of the most popular shows on George FM and continually encourage us to keep on with this crazy thing called Hit It and Quit It.

Whooooooeeee..... *Catching breath.* So I won't front, coming up with a radio special after the 'Revue' weekend just gone was a fairly epic challenge (all I wanted to do was sleep). But being the last show of the year and us riffing off of the 'Circle of Life' idea enticed us to get it together. So Mr. Frank Booker led the way with some of his favorite joints of the year (we are by no means claiming this to be a comprehensive 'Best Of' list, just the things that emerged out of our collective memories from the past year) and then I followed with a somewhat hap-hazard but nonetheless heartfelt tribute to 2010's fallen musical heroes. As this is our last show until 2010 we hope this will keep the HIQI fires burning in your hearts over this festive season. Happiest of holidays to you and yours from the Hit It and Quit It crew.

HIQI Dec. 20, 2010 Playlist (Year End Favorites & Tribute)

Vakula - Black & White [Firecracker]
Moodymann - Its 2 Late 4 U & Me [KDJ]
San Proper - The Strip [Dekmantel]
Billy Love - Melloghettomental [Sounds Signature]
Tornado Wallace - Swimmin' [Delusions of Grandeur]
Lord Echo - That's Right [Economy]
Kyle Hall - Kaychunk [Hyperdub]
Chico Mann - Mentirosos [Wax Poetics Records]
Erdbeerschnitzel - I Wonder [3rd Strike Recordings]

Sly & The Family Stone - Life [Epic]

Funkadelic - (Knot Just) Knee Deep [Warner Bros]
RIP: Gary Schider, Catfish Collins & George Clinton Jr.

King Coleman - The Boo Boo Song
RIP: King Coleman

Rammellzee & Shockdell At The Ampitheatre - Wild Style Soundtrack
RIP: Rammellzee

Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals
RIP: Malcolm Mclaren

The Muppets - Mah Na Mah Na
RIP: Jack Parnell (bandleader from the Muppet Show)

Eugene McDaniels - Headless Heroes [Atlantic]
RIP: Harry Whitaker

Gangstarr - Brainstorm [Jive]
RIP: Guru

Solomon Burke - Get Out My Life Woman
RIP: Solomon Burke

Frank Zappa - Willie The Pimp [Reprise]
RIP: Captain Beefheart

Gregory Isaacs - Dreadlocks Love Affair
RIP: Gregory Isaacs

The Isley Brothers - Footsteps In The Dark [T-Neck]
RIP: Marvin Isley

Abbey Lincoln - Afro Blue
RIP: Abbey Lincoln

Hank Jones - You Are My Love
RIP: Hank Jones

The Gap Band- Out of the Blue
RIP: Robert Wilson

HIQI Dec. 20, 2010 Pt. 1
HIQI Dec. 20, 2010 Pt. 2

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JazFunk1975 said...

Out to the Hit It And Quit It crew, that's all I can say. Moodyman @ Galetos was just off the hook! Outstanding sounds & vibes. Have a good one over the holiday period guys!