Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Recloose Perfect Timing Europe Tour...

Denizens of dopeness. I'm frantically packing to get my ass to Europe (as is my usual ritual). There is a mad tour ahead of me and I'm looking forward to rocking spots all over Europe (like, aaaallll over). The dates are below, damn!

In the meantime I've got the next installment of Hit It ready for y'all but you'll just have to wait until I get to Gent to hear it... no time to upload it today! Come back Friday and I'll have Oct. 20 live for you...

Now, party time:

Fri 24th Oct – Gent, Belgium - Democrazy @ ZAAL MINNEMEERS

Sat 25th Oct –Catania, Italy – Club : Mercati Generali

Weds 29th Oct – Aberdeen, Scotland – Club Snafu

Thurs 30th Oct – Glasgow, Scotland – Club: MacSorleys,

Fri 31st Oct – Wiesbaden, Germany – Club: Big

Sat 1st Nov – Stockholm, Sweden - Club: SubSoul

Sun 2nd Nov – Amsterdam - Holland - Wicked Jazz Sounds @ Sugarfactory

Thurs 6th Nov - Belgrade – Serbia @ Plastic Club

Fri 7th Nov – New Bohemia @ Cargo London

Sat 8 Nov – Mystic Brew @ Smokestack Leeds

Sun 9th Nov - Dublin - Bodytonic @ The Bernard Shaw

See you soon! Arohanui-

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