Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hit It And Quit It Oct. 20, 2008... (better late than nevers)


I been here in Europe now for a minute and assumed everybody is up on the wireless buzz. Alas my man Sven at the Boatel in Gent couldn't hook me up, and half-ass hijacking wifi off the balcony of my room in Catania wasn't popping neither, hence the delay in getting this installment to you. So finally I've got a steady hookup at Pharoah's in deep Sheffield... So here it is, bam!

Also, if you're in a NZ time-zone compatible corner of the universe than make sure to tune in live over the next two weeks, amply guest hosted by my main man Chris Cox...

Back soon, look for some heat from the Recloose vaults later this week...


HIT IT AND QUIT IT OCT. 20, 2008 PT. 1

HIT IT AND QUIT IT OCT. 20, 2008 PT. 2

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