Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're back! HIT IT AND QUIT IT for 2009


Yes indeed the ol' blog has been lying fallow for three months now. Unacceptable.

But no more. Its a new year, the free world has a new leader, and things they are a change-ang. Including the Hit It and Quit It blog....

Firstly, I am happy to say I've negotiated a sweet deal to keep me on the air at George FM here in New Zealand. This means I will be rocking steady every Monday night from 6-8pm (many of you may have noticed I was absent for a good month and a half due to some behind the scenes issues, now sorted) and am back posting the show here for weekly download.

Secondly, at the advice of some much more tech-savvy friends (a la my main man Tim Aten and Jeff @ Mukuna) I'm now hosting the shows myself. Which means no more bullshit pop-up ads for naked gambling hoes from your zip code. Also looking at Feedburner and some other developments which I'm sure cyber-crew will have to re-explain.... Noice!

Thirdly, I'm getting stuck into shammying this show into something beyond the ordinary, or as my man Swicks likes to say, 'destination radio'. Meaning more guest mixes, special features, interviews, and possible antics.

So what I'm trying to say is, return often. Its good to be back and I look forward to spreading the aroha in the 09. Drop me a line and tell me what you think, how I can improve this, what you'd like to hear on the show (eg. 'yo matt, what about doing an interview with _____ about ______'), etc. etc. Feedback is all good!

Next up, Feb 2 2009 show. With very special guest mix from Trus'me... smoking! Feb 10 following shortly thereafter...

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