Wednesday, December 23, 2009

(Seasons) Greetings

This is my introductory post here on the ole HIQI blog and so I am going to use it to introduce myself, as is customary.

Hello people my name is Sam and I am an aural enthusiast. I guess that's how come Recloose asked me to get involved in all of this. As I do not produce any music (currently) I can't get you hipped on my beats but what I can do is hip you to cats who I dig on and hopefully you do too.

So to the crux of my post and hopefully this will give you an idea who I am and what I dig. I bring to you: Fake the Talkbox; who is responsible for what I believe is my favourite footage on Youtube.

This video is basically what I'm all about, this cat has nothing but mad love for music and quite clearly Roger. Japan is one of my favourite places in the world because of cats just like Fake.

and no wonder Fake was so inspired by Roger Troutman

People forget this man's gift too quick , what a cat!

Anyho ho ho thats all from me for now, hope yah dig it.
Happy Holidays and Much Love to you and yours
Magic Sam

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RECLOOSE said...

Great blog debut! More from the Harmanizer please...