Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Derrick May in Auckland, NZ- April 15, 2010 at Be Club + DJ Mix

It has been more than a few years since I caught up with the Detroit techno godfather known as Derrick May. The last time we played together was in Yokohama (also with our main man Ibex aka Tony Ollivierra, brother to Transmat's Neil Olivierra) way back in 2003 or '04.

Lucky me 6 years later when I find myself rapping to Derrick's not-so-secret agent about his pending return to the south seas. As it turned out Derrick's gig in Auckland had fallen through last minute, so with the help of some friends (Nick D and Marie at Be, propers!) we were able to secure an 11th hour venue.

Auckland, this is going to be a burner of a night. Don't sleep. To re-iterate...

Photo Credit: Jason Grant Benberry

And to get us in the dancing mood??? My man Adam in Detroit supplied HIQI with this nice slice of Derrick May live in Tokyo to share with all the heads out there: Derrick May- Hi Tek Soul Mix Tokyo.

Also tune into our Hit It and Quit It show this Monday as I attempt to get a little airtime with the one known as Mayday himself. Barring that you can peep the rest of our Detroit double feature with a very special profile on the Oliverwho Factory, a Detroit duet who have been steadily churning out a string of beautifully complex and soulful techno classics since 2003.

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