Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hit It & Quit It Radio 19th April 2010

Another week ticks by in the new decade and we are already almost a third through this year... good lord

Mr Booker and myself on board today as our good captain Recloose came down with some mystery illness after a couple dates supporting Derrick May around this fair country.

Booker had some heat he'd brought back from down the line in his hometown of Christchurch and he also dropped a snippet from an upcoming mix release he has coming on on Wonderful Noise over in Japan.

I managed to crash 5 trains together in spectacular fashion


Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Los Jugaderos - "What You Doing To This Girl?" [Junior Boy's Own]
BT Express - "Energy to Burn (Mike Clark Beatdown Edit)" [White]
Blair - "Night Life (Gerd Edit)" [White]
Juggy Murray Jones - "Inside Ameica Pt 2" [Jupiter]
The Revenge - "Looking Up To You" [Raw Cuts]
Billy Love - "Melloghettomental" [Sound Signature]
Dayton - "Dank" [United Artists]
Earth Wind And Fire - "Runnin" [CBS]
Idjut Boys - "Phantom Slasher" [U-Star Records]
Prince Charles and the City Beat Band - "Dont Fake the Funk" [Virgin]
Superior Movement - Wide Shot [Chicago International Music]
Alfonzo Surrett - Only A Winner [MCA]
Hugh Masekela - Dont Go Lose It Baby [Jive Afrika]
Terry Lee - Reach Up [Prelude]

-= Frank Booker Wonderful Noise Mix (Taster)=-

till next time folks!


RECLOOSE said...

Best label ever. 'Awful mixing'. Way to sell yourself son...

Anonymous said...

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soulpatrol said...

yo lads, i seem to get re-directed to the myspacepage when I try and download those podcasts...

Toni said...

That was some real shiiiieeet you guys dropped there! Thanks a hell of a lot for that gents!