Wednesday, April 14, 2010


If you haven't heard of the Oliverwho Factory until now you probably haven't been checking our playlists all that closely. We have been steady banging their productions for awhile now- all of them irresitably soulful, interesting and experimental. This artistic duo (Darryl and Shone) have admittedly maintained a low profile over the last 7 years of producing records for their Madd Chaise label, but the music speaks VOLUMES. Listen in as I get a chance to chat with the OWF about everything from the music industry, the creative music-making process and inner city pressure.

For more information and heat from the OWF visit their label site- Madd Chaise.

Side note, I was fitting to get a minute of an interview in with Derrick May but it didn't happen due to time zone restraints... I'll see if I can corner him for a minute while he's here to talk about the good ol' days of 80s Detroit.

Last bit of news, you can now SUBSCRIBE to our podcast via iTunes/RSS (at the bottom). Many thanks to our HIQI family members Chris Mills and Ben Lawson for taking the time to hook this up!

Now without any further ado... lets just get on with the show.

Darryl and Shone of the Oliverwho Factory...


KC the Funkaholic - "Feel The Vibe (instrum.)" [Boogie Bash Recs.]
Floating Points - "People's Potential" [Eglo Records]
Tele Music - "Disco Freeze (Faze Action edit)" [Needwant recs]
Joey Negro & the Sunburst Band - "Twinkle (Idjut boys Dub time)" [Z Records]
Taron-Trekka - "Krass Und Kick" [Freude Am Tanzen]
First Choice - "Love Thang (Kon Lovepella)" [White]
Ilja Rudman - "Calypso (extended mix)" [Red Music Records]
Donny McCullough - "From the Heart (Kon Amir Edit)" [bbe]
Hunee - "Took My Love (vinyl edit)" [Drumpoet Community]
Hector - "Orale (Original Mix)" [Phonica]
Derrick May - "Salsa Life" [Trans Mat]

"Oliverwho Factory Interview"

"Oliverwho Guest Mix"
Delano Smith - "Road To Nowhere" [Third Ear Recordings]
Larry Heard - "Missing You" [Track Mode]
Nubian Mindz - "Afrika Man" [Delsin]
Oliverwho Factory - "Come With Me" [Madd Chaise]
Delano Smith - "The Exploration" [Third Ear Recordings]
Oliverwho Factory - "Rythmn" [Madd Chaise]
Fabrice Lig - "The Track (OG mix)" [Versatile Records]
Oliverwho Factory - "Moonhacker" [Madd Chaise]
Shinedoe - "Alpha" [100% Pure]
Oliverwho Factory - "U Don't Know" [Madd Chaise]
Vortex - "Moving Inside Me"
Oliverwho Factor/Jamerson - "Shaka"
Carl Craig - "Tres Demented (edit by Laurent Garnier)" [Planet e]
"End Guest Mix"

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Anonymous said...

great interview and mix from the OliverWho Factory. I've been following them for awhile and can't believe they aren't more well recognized as the talent artists they are.

Rufus said...

I totally agree with kurikondrak...big talent - big soul...i wanna bring them to italy