Thursday, April 16, 2009

Recloose- Turkish Delight (Southern Fried Disco Demo)

Here's an early and ridiculous version of Turkish Delight, a tune that originally appeared on Hiatus on the Horizon. I'm cracking up listening to the original madness... Edit anyone??

Featuring the impeccable stylings of NZ's baddest rhythm guitarist Mike Fabulous (aka MSG the Flavor Enhancer).


Recloose- Turkish Delight (Southern Fried Disco Demo) (320mbps)


Sam said...

Thanks for sharing your tunes Matt. Love your show too.
When you coming back to Adelaide mate?

Sam (3D Radio Adelaide)

RECLOOSE said...

I just booked an Adelaide gig last night for May 30. See you then!

Sam said...

Hi Matt,

That great news. I will spread the word bro.


JayStarSeven said...

Really great take! Loving it!