Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Wizard

As a 12 year old growing up in the mid-80s Detroit area (era) nothing made more of a musical impression on me than the early radio days of Jeff Mills, aka THE WIZARD. It was a quasi-religious nightly ritual tuning into WJLB and hearing the Wiz smash through electric funk sets that made his wide palette of styles all sound like one incredible musical invention. Hip-hop was house was disco was electro was funk was anything he felt like. The Wizard was THE original b-boy techno turntablist.

This approach to music and dance music in general sticks with me to this day, and so it was with great excitement that I recently found some cassette rips of his early shows (large ups to DJ Needlz and the Detroit Techno Militia for sharing these!). I'm STILL getting chills listening to this... Enjoy.


The Wizard Mix 1
The Wizard Mix 2
The Wizard Mix 3
The Wizard Mix 4
The Wizard Mix 5
The Wizard Mix 7

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DJ Detroit Butcher said...

Hell yeah. We're airing a 90 minute tape of CLASSIC WIZARD tapes every saturday night at midnight at ... You should check us out!