Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Sheep?- Earthborn (Recloose Remix)

This came out in 2002. I didn't know anything about 'Why Sheep?' but the remix turned out pretty nice...

What I take away from this was how dope the Waldorf Microwave XT was (think 'Get There Tonight'). Need to get that one back into the bunker.


Why Sheep?- Earthborn (Recloose Remix)

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pipecock said...

this joint is something of a pittsburgh classic, we've been killing it here with this shit since it dropped.

so you used the Microwave XT on those joints, eh? i've been suspicious that you had a Korg Mono/Poly back in the day, am i right?

also, i feel like you would probably dig my blog:

you should check us out! we're all big fans of yours.