Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RIP OF THE WEEK: Terry-T.- My Way Home (Get This Party Jumpin')

Hot pic, but you'll need 3D glasses to read it.

After the post that I did on Hip-House on here I thought this would be appropriate for my first HIQI "RIP OF THE WEEK".

This is a stand out tune which is way faster than anything else on the 12" sampler of his album "The Oaktown Sound". That said, I like to listen to it a little slower than this (around -4) but in the spirit of archiving it, I recorded it at its true speed.

Said recording is a touch on grimy side due to some rinsed needles and
because Terry put this out himself on his own "Tee's Records" imprint. Keep it real I say...

So slow it down, get your two step on and watch out for the hot piano solo at the end.

P.S. Warning for all the DJs : the drums start falling out of time towards the end, mix out of that shit!

Terry-T - On My Way Home (Get This Party Jumpin)


RECLOOSE said...

What ups with a Harmanizer edit??

Sooor said...

could you reup this?