Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hit It & Quit It Radio - May 3, 2010

What up all, this week's show was a goodie with the starting line up in full effect.

Mr Booker dug into his crate and brought out a few nice vintages.

Also Charlie Dark, of Attica Blues/Blacktronica fame, stopped by to talk about why he's in New Zealand and reminisce a litte.

He's in town for the People In Your Neighbourhood project, which you can check here People In Your Neighbourhood. Thanks to Charlie for taking the time out of his jet-lagged slumber to stop by.

So without further ado, some old some new and some good ole fashioned smack talk.
You know how Hit It & Quit It do.

Lil' Nug needs a babysitter Monday nights. Dad can't DJ and do interviews AND color in dinosaurs all at the same time. Send your babysitting credentials and two references....

Part One
Part Two

6th Borough Project - "Do It To The Max" [Instruments Of Rapture]
Grooveman Spot - "Nuralgia" [Jazzy Sport]
Natural Yoghurt Band - "Chit Chat" [Jazzman]
Dam Funk - "Hood Pass Intact" [Stones Throw]
One Way - "Cutie Pie" [MCA]
Eddie Chill Posada & Cole Medina - "Dont Byte Our Styli" [House Arrest]
Jedi Knights - "One For M.A.W." [Universal Language]
Roy Ayers - "Fast Money" [Ichiban Records]
"House Master Baldwin ft Paris Grey - "Dont Lead Me (Delicate Genius Edit)" [White]
Toomy Disco - "People Fine (original mix)" [Spacewalker Recordings]
DJ Nature - "Happy 2 B near U" [Jazzy Sport]
Ame - "Tonight (Dub)" [Sonar Kollektiv]
Cesaria Evora - "Angola (Carl Craig mix)" [Lus Africa]
Henrik Schwarz - "Chicago" [Mood Music Records]
Hanna - "Cottage" [Sound Signature]
Disco D- Chicago (Kon Edit)
Raphael Cameron - "Lets Get It Off" [Sal Soul]
China Burton - "You Dont Care About Our Love (Joey Negro Edit)" [Z Records]
Yabba Funk - "Nyashi! E Go Bites (Olatude Remix)" [Here and Now]
Makala - "Vamos a Comer" [Phonica Records]
Neighbour - "Clara Claptop"
Ilya Rudman - "Calypso (extended mix)" [Red Music]

Enjoy the playoffs, Go Spurs, and tune in next week for a Boogie flavoured affair in honour of our much awaited and very special guest at the Revue, the one and only: Damon Riddick aka Dam Funk aka Wavelength aka Mynk Richards (we have a guest mix from him too)

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