Monday, May 24, 2010

Mr Booker goes to Melbourne

Yes, that's right: we at Hit It & Quit It HQ are on some worldwide tip this month, what with Recloose flying off to USA for gigs, I decided it was high time to pay another visit to one of my favourite cities: Melbourne!I'm gonna be dropping in on Ennio Style's legendary radio show (Stylin' on RRR) this Friday (29th May) for a chat and some music, then on Saturday night spinning with Eric Lau (Ubiquity), Kano, Inkswel and co @ Croft Institute earlier in the evening, before getting across town to First Floor for 'Disco Social'. All that before rounding off the weekend on Sunday (31st May) with 'Killing Time' alongside Mike Gurrieri & Inkswel. Big up to all my friends in Melbourne, can't wait to check it and throw down as we do at Hit It & Quit It. RAH!