Monday, May 3, 2010

Music Television

Well It's Sunday night down here, and I have just spent the last 2 hours perusing the Tube for old music videos. In order to make this seem like time well spent I have decided to post a few of them up here for all of you.

Evelyn King is by no means slept on but this boogie monster with great dancing and graphics got three rewinds from me so it made the cut

This next cut comes from a crew called Shabazz, I recently found a 12" by them from 86 called "Unified" at a record fair, which is everything about late 80s funk that I dig. Came across this trying to find a bit more about them. Great outfits.

This last one is a Bay Area hip hop video that's full of flavour. Apparently directed by what must have been a young John Singleton - it's great stuff. I came across it whilst looking for some stuff on Terry Tee. Inspired by a 12" I have of his and the Bay Area Stones Throw Podcast that 12ManRambo put out. Check out 12Man's blog here for a tape only part 2 to that mix.

Thats it from me folks hope you have a good week
tune in about 18 hours from now for the HiQi radio show

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Manuel said...

Daym! That Shabazz track is killer! Nice one...